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Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar Basic Tips

7 August 2017, Monday, 17:01:04


Basic Tips

-F1 key shows hotkeys.

-Enter key to skip through combat

-To Recruit NPC: While talking to them, Right-Click Context Menu from Talk to Recruit (Handshake icon)

-Pick Apples from Bushes, Leeches from Ponds Outside to cure Diseases (By using Inspect/Eye symbol while close)

-Always have Detect Secret on Indoors (especially dungeons)

-Higher Vitality helps with Penetration – so make sure to rest and have that up before tough fights, Higher STR/AGI increases Chance of Penetration

-After assaying an item, drag it on Assay button for Stats

-You can heal Diseased characters in the Shrine of the Raptor if you pick “The Shrine” as a Starting point and you get the Owl Statue (Bottom floor with the Sparkles)

-You can Save & Load before Looting Chests for Random Loot
Switch character formation by clicking their names

-Social Spells: Mind Read on NPCs (Shows what words they react to); Charm (Opens up more Options and makes them much more Cooperative)

-There is a difference between Slashing/Thrusting/Swinging/Smashing on Different Enemies

-If you have issues with High resolution displays on Windows not displaying the entire Screen, go into your local Grimoire folder –> Right Click “Grimoire.exe” –> “Compatibility” –> Tick Checkmark on “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”. Then Stretch to Full Screen in the game’s settings and everything should be fine.

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