Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Gameplay Basics and Tips


Gameplay Basics and Tips
Here’s a couple tips that will instantly make you a better Grimoire player:

1. F1 shows all hotkeys.
2. Holding down ENTER will fast-forward through combat
3. Save constantly. Grimoire has NO autosave system and it’s as hard as hell.
4. Whenever you’re exploring a new area, try to use Detect Secret to scan tiles. If the eye starts to twinkle, the tile you’re on has a secret, and that probably means treasure. Alternatively, get a character high in the Scout skill to achieve the same effect.
5. Great early-game spells include: Magic Missile, Poison, Insect Swarm, Blinding Flash, Cure Light Wounds/Condition, Shrill Sound, and Knock Knock.
6. Sleep often.
7. If the item is evil-looking, it’s probably cursed.
8. If you get an ominous message about hearing something in the darkness ahead, brace yourself for a mini-boss.
9. Recruiting Little Rosy will make the early game a lot easier. Your dismissed party members will wait for you in the tomb in Shrine of the Raptor at the beginning of the Briarpatch Woods start.

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