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Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – How to Get The Key of Exemplar?

9 September 2017, Saturday, 2:15:13


How to Get The Key of Exemplar?

The Key of the Exemplar is used to open a gate in Vault of the Exemplar, which is reached by going through Samhain.

Get the Cosmic Egg in Raptor Grotto. Smash the Egg with the crusher in Deepsink Project. Go to the Chronoworks of Kroondergraf in the Museum of Magic and solve the puzzle (spin, blow, twist, turn, pull, wind) to get the Jeweled Egg. Combine the Jeweled Egg with the Cosmic Egg Yolk and put the result into the Chronoworks. Take the Mechano Owl to The Eyrie and use it on the nest. Let time pass either by walking or resting and the Owl will return to you and give you the key.

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