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Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Multi-classing Information


Multi-classing information

To change a character’s class, he must be level 10+ in his current class and have the minimum stats for his new class. Additionally, allowed class changes are limited to three outgoing choices, according to his current class. (Specific allowed changes below.) Recruitable NPCs cannot multiclass.


Stats are reset to the minimum on class change. You keep your skills. You also keep your spells, as well as your unspent spell-scribing credits. I’m not sure what happens with level progression; it’s not reset to 0, but it also doesn’t appear to be kept the same as your old profession. It looks like the progression table for the new class is used, with some multiplier. (Around 1.25x the natural XP progression cost, as far as I can tell.)


Bonus attribute points are retained, so if you are motivated and insane (hello, Codex), you could conceivably grind up to the minimum stats for the new class and then hoard your points until the switch, then dump them all. It could make for a rough start, though.



Outgoing class changes allowed:

  • WARRIOR: Berserker, Pirate, Ranger


  • WIZARD: Necromancer, Sage, Thaumaturge


  • CLERIC: Bard, Sage, Templar


  • THAUMATURGE: Necromancer, Sage, Wizard


  • NECROMANCER: Sage, Wizard, Thaumaturge


  • RANGER: Warrior, Thief, Assassin


  • THIEF: Bard, Pirate, Assassin


  • TEMPLAR: Warrior, Cleric, Bard


  • BERSERKER: Warrior, Pirate, Ranger


  • JESTER: Thief, Bard, Assassin


  • BARD: Cleric, Jester, Sage


  • METALSMITH: Warrior, Berserker, Pirate


  • PIRATE: Thief, Berseker, Assassin


  • ASSASSIN: (why?) Warrior, Thief, Berserker


  • SAGE: Cleric, Wizard, Thaumaturge



A pirate requires the following minimum stats:

int 40

wis 40

wil 55

str 50

con 40

spe 55

agi 60

fel 50

dev 40

met 40

des 10



int 65

wis 40

wil 40

str 50

con 40

spe 50

agi 50

fel 40

dev 50

met 40

des 10


JESTER! wow this guy has high requirements

int 70

wis 40

wil 50

str 60

con 40

spe 65

agi 75

fel 75

dev 55

met 40

des 10


Templars: If you want a templar, you have to either roll one as a durendil or multiclass in from cleric.


Assassins: Two of the four classes that can change to assassin are elite ones (Pirate and Assassin), so if you want one in your first 20 levels, you need a ranger or thief.


Pirates: This is the most accessible non-creatable class, with routes available from Warrior, Berserker, Thief, and Metalsmith.


Jesters: Only bards can become jesters.


Metalsmith: No one can change into this class; it can only be a starting class. Since it and Sage are the only ones who get metallurgy, and Sages get very few skill points to invest in it, you probably need to create a metalsmith if you want metallurgy.


Pure mages are mostly locked into staying pure mages; only clerics have exits. (Bards and templars.)


Martial classes generally have hybrid advanced classes available.




All classes in Grimoire learn spells. There are 5 basic spell schools associated with a specific specialist who starts learning that school at level 1, as well as Arcanum/Eldritch spells. Each class begins learning from a specific list at a specific level.


Spell interactions with multiclassing: Spells available to learn on level-up are based ONLY on your current class. The list of spells available does not transfer between classes. E.g., if you are a level 10 cleric and multiclass into templar, you do not get spell picks for your first two templar levels. When you start learning spells from the Cleric list at templar level 3, you only get the spells available that a level 3 templar (level 1 Cleric) would get.


Base caster classes:

WIZARD, CLERIC, NECROMANCER, SAGE, THAUMATURGE: Each learns his school, starting at level 1.


Other classes:

  • WARRIOR: Wizard spells at level 9


  • RANGER: Thaumaturge spells at 4


  • THIEF: Thaumaturge spells at 6


  • TEMPLAR: Cleric spells at 3


  • BERSERKER: Thaumaturge spells at 10


  • JESTER: Sage and Wizard spells at 3


  • BARD: Cleric and Wizard spells at 3


  • METALSMITH: Sage spells at 6


  • PIRATE: Wizard and Thaumaturge spells at 6


  • ASSASSIN: Thaumaturge and Necromancer spells at 3


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