Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Starting Locations


Starting Locations
You can Start the game in different areas (Configuration –> Game Start) and there are different Starting Boni for different areas. “Sanctuary” seems to be the best Early game Option given the rewards.


“The Shrine” / Briarpatch Woods
-Owl Statue –> Leading to Secret Area in Shrine of the Raptor
-9 Lore Entries
-ID Owl Statue
-Shrine that heals Disease and other negative Status Effects


-Xenomorph Keycard for Endgame weapon
-1000 Free XP (Bringing some characters to Lvl2)
-Terminal that lets you train Skills “Iron Fist”, “Accuracy”, “Firearms” on all characters to +12
-Terminal that reveals the maps for Village of Crowl, Briarwood Forest, Gardens of Midknight
-Statue to Identify items
-Ranged Star Gauntlet Weapon with 99 Charges that is helpful in early tough fights


“Imprisoned” / Crowl Prison:
-Moravia Key
-1 Hard Chest with 12 Items (Armor, Helmet, Random Weapons, Bow, Arrows)
-5 Early Easy Chests with 7 Items in the Crowl Armory (Arrows, Scrolls, Sword, Axe, Maces, War Axe, Lance…)


“Wilderness” / Gardens of Midknight:
-Key of the Ancients


“Eerie Wastes”:
-Skull of Hathor Sogg


Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – The Sanctuary, Village of Crowl

Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Briarpatch Woods, Shrine of the Raptor

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