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GTA 5 – Buyer’s Guide for Civilian Vehicles (GTA Online: After Hours)

27 July 2018, Friday, 9:57:38

Buyer’s Guide for Civilian Vehicles


  • Controls – Long 1st gear, incredibly high top speed and extremely unstable on bumps. Best for flat roads.


  • Customization – Racing liveries, period-correct trunk/frunk mods and a few grille options.


  • Opinion – Relatively cheap recreation of one-off Jaguar Xj13, perfect for collectors, questionable racing choice.





Jester Classic

  • Controls – Somewhat average, nothing interesting.


  • Customization – Plenty of bumpers and spoiler, various liveries.


  • Opinion – A weeb’s dream that will be overrated as it is.






Patriot Limo

  • Controls – Similair to normal Patriot, except it’s long. Don’t expect to climb mountains with it.


  • Customization – A few hood options (mostly recolor), bumpers recolor and exhausts.


  • Opinion – A niche thing, recommended only for those who have friends.






Festival Bus

  • Controls – A copy of Prison bus, feels exactly like it.


  • Customization – being a Pegasus vehicle, it has nothing except for a few liveries where you can choose only one during purchase.


  • Opinion – oddball vehicle, purely for fun with friends if you have 1.4M free.





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