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GTA 5 – Nightclub as Business (GTA Online: After Hours)


Nightclub as Business 

If you don’t have any other facilites and expect this one to give you enough income, don’t buy it.


Nightclub alone will be enough only to cover your daily fees with maximum daily (in-game) profit of 10k at maximum popularity. You will need to collect that money personally from your safe in the club. And to keep maximum popularity you’ll have to run ~5 minutes promotion missions which will not be explained due to be very straightforward.


So if you’re thinking of getting it as 1st or 2nd facility, don’t.


As an addition to other business it becomes more interesting.


The mechanic here is following: you need to own facilities from previous updates to get access to accruing different types of goods from your nightclub. However, you need people to do that for you. In the nightclub PC’s management tab. They cost from ~150k to ~300k to get. The cool thing about them, they won’t increase your utility charges and will get product from businesses even if you don’t have supplies there. So the income is as passive as it gets.


And here’re the profits you can get for the goods. Equipment upgrade or any facility upgrades DO NOT increase stock value (speed increase still unknown). And to get more product space, you need to upgrade nightclub’s storage; by default it has only 20% of maximum and each level adds another 20%. Numbers shown below are for maxed storage.


  • -Printing & Copying = 1000$ / 15 mins; max 60 (Forged Documents).


  • -Organic Produce = 1500$ / 20 mins; max 80 (Weed Farm).


  • -Cash Creation = 3500$ / 30 mins; max 40 (Cash Factory).


  • -Pharmaceutical Research = 8500$ / 60 mins; max 20 (Meth Lab).


  • -South American Imports = 20000$ / 120 mins; max 10 (Cocain Lockup).


  • -Sporting Goods = 7500$ / 60 mins; max 100 (Bunker).


  • -Cargo and Shipments = 10000$ / 70 mins; max 50 (Hangar).


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