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Gunheart – Combo Weapons Guide

Combo Weapons

There are four different combo weapons to use in Gunheart. Combo weapons are more powerful than normal weapons and as such have a limited ammo pool. Each combo weapon uses different amounts of ammo per shot, and you can acquire new ammo by finding the ‘ammo kegs’ scattered throughout the levels (or with the special 3D printers).


Desktop players: Combo weapons can be selected via the quick menu or toggled using the weapon selection keys (default keys are ‘0-9’). There’s also a handy swap between combo/side-arms keys (default key is ‘q’).


VR players: To activate your combo weapon simply bring the tops of your controllers towards each other, a.k.a. gangsta’ style. To switch back to your normal weapons pull the controllers apart and they’ll be re-equipped.




Arc Bow

The arc bow is a high-tech take on the classic bow, rapid firing arrows at targets that can be upgraded with added stun and explosive effects. Grab the bow string with your offhand + trigger to nock an arrow, take aim, and then release the trigger to fire the arrow.



This weapon excels at short to mid range combat, dealing high damage to single targets with high accuracy. It uses the least amount of ammo of all the combo weapons per arrow and can fire nearly as fast as players can nock arrows.





The chaingun is a rapid-fire bullet weapon that takes some time to spin up the barrels, but when at max speed is able to firing much faster than any other weapon. It has one of the highest damage potentials of the combo weapon when used in the right situations.



The chaingun is best at mid to long range combat and uses a moderate amount of ammo. It will overheat if firing is sustained too long, so be careful to manage your shots to maximize the damage output.




Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is purchasable after landing a certain amount of headshot kills. It excels at long range combat with a custom scope that increases zoom based on distance from the player’s view. Upgrade it with the Piercing Rounds to take out multiple targets with a single bullet, assuming you can successfully line up the shot.



It uses a high amount of ammo per shot and has a fairly high recovery time between shots.




Rocket Launcher

What shooter worth it’s salt wouldn’t have a rocket launcher? This weapon is all about blowing stuff up, ideally at a far enough range that you don’t also take hits from the splash damage. Upgrading this with the Guided mod allows for even more fun, allowing you track targets on the move to guarantee the hit.



The rocket launcher does high direct damage with a moderate amount of splash damage. Great for taking out groups of Anthromites in one go. It uses a high amount of ammo per shot.


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