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In Gunheart you always have a gun in your hands, and you have the option to mix and match your sidearms as you see fit. Double up on the same weapon to keep it simple or pair up different types to give yourself options during the battle. At any time you can use the Gunstr interface to change your loadout (and even swap out the modifications for your weapons), so you’re always able to change what weapons you’re bringing to the fight.


All sidearms have unlimited ammo and either auto-reload or require the use of a physical reload.





A trusted classic, the pistol fires one shot per trigger pull. Does consistent damage at all ranges and is reasonable accurate even at long range. Has a lot of flexibility when paired with different mods, using scopes for a more tactical and higher damage approach, or going full auto for a more fire and forget style of play.



The pistol has a physical reload mechanism, requiring you to yank upwards to lock the barrel back into place. You can also perform a ‘tactical reload’ at any time by squeezing the palm grips to force open the barrel.





The stock carbine is a standard machine gun, continuing to fire while the trigger is held (at least until the clip is emptied). The carbine’s accuracy naturally decays with sustained fire, so for best results it’s recommended to use it in a semi-auto mode. The Tagger mod is a great addition to this weapon, increasing damage to that target but also marking them for easier tracking in case they retreat behind cover.



The carbine automatically reloads when needed, and the clip can be forcefully ejected by squeezing the palm grips.





The shotgun is all about dealing high damage to anything that gets in your face. The stock version has a relatively limited clip size so you’ll want to manage your reloads to keep this weapon ready when you need it most. Damage and accuracy fall off fairly quickly with any range, so really best to keep this for close encounters.



The shotgun also uses a physical reload mechanism, requiring you to yank upwards to lock the barrel back into place. ‘Tactical reload’ can be activated any time by squeezing the palm grips to force open the barrel.





The crossbow is a high damage projectile based weapon that excels at mid to long range combat, and also a reasonable option for the point-blank encounters. It’s somewhat lower rate of fire by default than say the pistol, but also has access to some unique weapon modifications such as Guided which will allow you to control the velocity of the bolts mid-flight.



The crossbow uses an auto-reload similar to the carbine, and can be forcefully reloaded by squeezing the palm grips.





The minecaster fires out explosive mines that will wait to detonate until the trigger is released. This allows it to be used in more strategics situations, setting up traps in known bottlenecks to take out multiple targets at once. Adding Triple Shot and Flypaper modifications to this weapon turns it into one of the most effective weapons for quickly locking down the battlefield.



The minecaster automatically reloads mines after the current active ones have been detonated.




Death Disc



The death disc is an experimental melee style weapon that does incredibly high damage to any target it hits. The blade is controlled through player motion and the range can be extended by moving more rapidly. The death disc is first unlocked by progressing through the story campaign, and after that point it can be purchased at Gunstr.


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