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Gunheart – Special Weapons Guide

Special Weapons


At any time you can activate the multi-tool for either hand by holding the palm grips. The multi-tool is able to pick up any physical object such as explosive barrels but also including the Anthromites. Any object help in hand can be blasted out by pulling the trigger or tossed using physical motion.


When grabbing the Anthromites you can use them as a makeshift meatshield, blocking bullets temporarily, or you can kill them outright by using your other hand’s multitool to rip of limbs. It’s a bit gruesome but also super effective in a pinch!




Social gear

The social gear has a few fun little tools to play with outside of combat. It can be equipped by reaching above your shoulder and lightly squeezing the palm grips (note that you need to lightly press the buttons as holding them will activate the multi-tool instead).


Included in the social tool is a pixel painting tool, a giant foam hand, and a balloon maker. You can flip between the modes by lightly pressing the palm grips, and all of them are activated by holding down the trigger. You can always return to your normal weapons either by bringing up the multi-tool and releasing, or by reaching up above your shoulder and squeezing the palm grips again.


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