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Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. – How to Unlock Double Secret Achievement

22 September 2017, Friday, 14:26:10


How to Unlock Double Secret Achievement


Right after you find the weapon locker and the second radio in chapter 2, a soldier will open a door, get in and kill all the soldiers, then look up behind you. You are going to find a vent.


40F34DCF-9CA8-44ED-86CB-DD68B2B5B1E7-485-00000040088AF0EF ADB44318-CE8C-422A-89B9-8D62530ED0ED-485-000000400AFCFE01


On the right there is a box, push it close to the wall, so you can jump on the electric boxes and reach the vent.




Inside the vent go to the left, you are gonna be in a elevator shaft, use the ladder on the left to climb down and get in another vent on the floor below.


E3B02099-07E2-476F-A6C6-921195A36F8A-485-000000408B1E0304 551CDB0C-B92F-4438-8CB5-A6A4DB737874-485-000000408DA03B5A


Now you can finally get in the Systems Control Room:




V.A.T.S test codes:


EFCEDBA7-49B1-4438-BF5D-55676568242B-485-000000412616A933 31241D37-50E5-48E5-B823-A4BD44F4CBF0-485-00000041287A2F88


Enter and listen the three messages in the V.A.T.S. machine.


1BBD9353-DF19-49EF-8115-0034C6C67746-485-00000041807A8ECF D932D2DC-4BF9-4256-B195-80A4C6121760-485-0000004183011D48


After making some love with it, get back to the vent, the machine is gonna get angry, get back to the room and it’s gonna destroy itself, unlocking the the double secret achievement.


94050D39-93DB-4FAA-84CF-AD2C8ED9045A-485-0000004216BFA24F 77D6EC2F-EBDE-4FA4-89BD-3056F0BA3759-485-000000421929033D


After unlocking all achievements it’s going to give you access to a bonus epilogue map.

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