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Hand of Fate 2 – Stuffed Potato Achievement Guide

13 November 2017, Monday, 21:18:27


Stuffed Potato Achievement Guide

B5172EE7-DAD8-4A71-A197-4EB97E066CD6 Completed the Lover’s challenge with Oswin fully healed.

Firstly, add a lot of encounters with food. Before the last stage, set up a camp to heal Oswin.

The most difficult part is to win the combat without Oswin taking any damage.




Once the battle starts, undeads will throw projectiles at Oswin. You need to act fast!

-Roll forward left! This will put Oswin behind you. Thus, you take all projectiles.

-Immediately, throw the purification bomb on undead. At this point, most undeads should gather near The Wraith. With a good aiming, you should be left with only 2-3 undeads and The Wraith. Make sure you throw the bomb quick enough. Otherwise, undead will bomb Oswin first!

-Hit The Wraith just once to cancel the channeling. Then proceed to kill all remaining undeads. Be careful that some undead will reanimate. Clear them out again.

-Hopefully, the last step shouldn’t take long. But even if you end up taking a while, The Wraith will most likely sap your HP, not Oswin. If you have enough health, you can last quite long.

Be prepared to Exit the game (or ALT+F4) a lot. If Oswin takes damage, just exit and re-enter.


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