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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Professor McGonagall Questions & Answers

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 18:27:32

Professor McGonagall Questions & Answers



First question: What does Reparifarge do?

Answer: Undo Transfigurations.



Second question: Transfiguration students practice turning what insect into buttons?

Answer: Beetle.



Third question: A statue of what creature marks the entrance to the Headmaster’s Office?

Answer: Gargoyle.



Fourth question: What spell would you use to men a pair of glasses?

Answer: Reparo.



Fifth question: What is the name of the Hogwarts poltergeist?

Answer: Peeves.



Sixth question: Which potion would make Rowan feel better?

Answer: Pepperup Potion.



Seventh question: Who previously held Snape’s post as Potions Master?

Answer: Horace Slughorn.



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