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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Students’ Questions & Answers

9 May 2018, Wednesday, 17:49:09




Distracting Rowan:

  1. Let’s play! – What are your favourite books?
  2. How do you like Gobstones? – Let’s talk about wand wood…
  3. Let’s join the Gobstones Club – Let’s bunk off school.
  4. I will win – The library burned down.



Discuss your vision with Rowan:

  1. Have you had visions before? – I’ve heard things before.
  2. Visions Can Be Dangerous – That’s why I need your help.
  3. How can I help? – With knowledge and friendship.
  4. Do you think it was a warning? – Or a clue, maybe both.



Encourage your friend Ben Cooper:

  1. There’s so much to be afraid of – Everyone feels afraid sometimes.
  2. Our friends aren’t scared – We’ll keep each other safe.
  3. Why was I put in (name)? – You’re braver than you know.
  4. I belong in the Muggle world – You belong at Hogwarts, Ben.



Convince Rowan To Help You Investigate:

  1. What if we get caught? – We won’t. We’ll be prepared.
  2. What about Snape? – You’ll work out a brilliant plan.
  3. What about the Cursed Vaults? – We’ll break the curie.



Convince Ben to Join You:

  1. Why me? – You’re my friend.
  2. But I’m a coward… – You have to face your fears.
  3. What if we get caught? – We won’t, I promise.
  4. Will you protect me? – We’ll protect each other.



Convince Penny to Join You:

  1. Why do you believe in your plan? – I believe in my friends.
  2. It’s dangerous – That’s why we Reed your help.
  3. What about Mrs. Norris? – We Reed a Sleeping Draught.
  4. What about the cursed ice? – We can break the curse.



Convince Rowan that Ben will be Okay!

  1. What if we can’t find Ben? – Don’t worry. We’ll find him.
  2. I have a really bad feeling… – It’s only a feeling.
  3. What if he’s lost? – We won’t stop searching.
  4. Ben is probably so afraid – We’ll do everything we can…



Convince Rowan to Help You!

  1. I wish I was stronger… – You have your own talents.
  2. How can I help? – Your knowledge of Hogwarts.
  3. Sometimes I feel useless… – I do too sometimes.
  4. I want to help with the vaults… – Your knowledge is a big help.



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