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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – Wand Choice Answers & Their Outcomes

12 May 2018, Saturday, 17:41:27

Wand Choice Answers & Their Outcomes

Ollivander will ask you very early in the game how you felt about your older brother being expelled from Hogwarts in the past. The answer you give him determines the specific wand you end up playing with for the rest of the game.


Here are the answers and their outcomes:

  • I was determined — You’ll receive an 11-inch inflexible hornbeam wand with a dragonstring core. This is the same kind of wand used by Ollivander himself and indicates a wizard with a unique passion.
  • I was angry — You’ll receive an 11-and-three-quarter-inche blackthorn wand with a unicorn hair core. Ollivander indicates this is for a witch with a lot of fight in her.
  • I felt sorry for him — You’ll get a pliable 12-inch acacia wand with a unicorn hair core meant for a sensitive wizard.


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