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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Stones, Ores & Gems

25 November 2017, Saturday, 17:47:49


Stones, Ores & Gems

Ore (Raw) – Refined Form – Selling Price (Raw) – Refining Price (Gus) – Quantity Needed For Conversion – Selling Price (Refined) – Profit – Uses

Stone Material Stone 1G 50G 3 60G 7G Building

Glass Material Glass 5G 50G 3 150G 85G Building

Iron Ore Iron 5G 100G 3 150G 35G Building

Bronze Ore Bronze 10G 100G 3 150G 20G Building

Silver Ore Silver 20G 100G 3 400G 240G Building

Gold Ore Gold 50G 100G 3 600G 350G Building

Mithril Ore Mithril 60G 200G 3 700G 320G Building

Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum 60G 200G 3 700G 320G Building

Adamantite Ore Adamantite 100G 300G 3 900G 300G Building

Agate Ore Agate 50G 300G 1 900G 550G

Jade Ore Jade 50G 300G 1 900G 550G

Fluorite Ore Fluorite 50G 400G 1 1250G 800G

Opal Ore Opal 50G 400G 1 1250G 800G

Crystal Ore Crystal 50G 400G 1 1500G 1050G

Peridot Ore Peridot 70G 400G 1 1500G 1030G

Moonstone Ore Moonstone 70G 400G 1 1800G 1330G

Onyx Ore Onyx 70G 500G 1 2000G 1430G

Topaz Ore Topaz 70G 500G 1 2000G 1430G

Amethyst Ore Amethyst 70G 500G 1 2000G 1430G

Ruby Ore Ruby 100G 500G 1 2400G 1800G

Emerald Ore Emerald 100G 500G 1 2600G 2000G

Sapphire Ore Sapphire 100G 700G 1 3000G 2200G

Diamond Ore Diamond 200G 700G 1 3000G 2100G

Pink Diamond Ore Pink Diamond 200G 700G 1 4000G 3100G

Soul Gem Ore Soul Gem 300G 800G 1 5000G 3900G



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