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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Tablets

2 December 2017, Saturday, 0:29:53



1 – Brown, Stone – Complete Tutorial

2 – Pink, Flower – Repair Sam’s hut

3 – Blue, Waterdrop – Go to Mountain, talk to Nova. Fish up 2nd fragment (unlock Cyril). Then Collect Iron Ore (3), Glass Material (5)

4 – Green, Cow – Find the Harvest Goddess, in the summer at the beach. Meet the bluebird at night. Then talk to Gabriel, make delicious feed. Talk to Gabirel again, then go to the beach at 7pm. Then make strawberry Jam (talk to elise), then bring it to the Harvest Goddess spring

5 – Yellow, Sun – Cutscene, go meet H. God. He gives you a tablet. It breaks. Go talk to H. Goddess, Edmond and God in H. Goddess spring. Nova suggests talk to Doc. Talk to Doc, bring him: Jade (2), Stone (10), Sunflower (1), then deliver a flower to Carol. Then deliver a Rose from Carol to Doc. Go back to H. Goddess spring. Get Cyanocrystal (talk to Gorgon). Fix the Bridge: Material Stone (10), Stone (30), Mithril (2), 5000G. Awaken Oliver: Yellow (pink) Dahlia, Yellow Perch, Great wool; Bring to Spring. Then go to the lighthouse and stand on the new stone.


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