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Invincibility Cheat

Changing the ragdoll in the “.outfit” file to something that doesn’t exist will make you invincible when dealing with enemies. You will still take damage from falling tho, so keep that in mind.


  • Step by step “tutorial” on how to do this:


  • Go to the “Outfits” folder in the games folder.


  • Make a copy of the “Haydee. outfit” file.


  • Name it “Haydee2.outfit”.


  • Open the “Haydee2.outfit” using ‘Notepad.’


  • Scroll down to the “ragdoll” section at the bottom of the file.


  • Where it says “Outfits\Haydee\Haydee.doll”, write a “2” (or any number, letter, symbol, etc.) between the “Haydee” and the “.doll.”


  • Save the file.


  • Open up the game.


  • Go to “Outfits”


  • Set the outfit to “Haydee2.”


  • Enjoy being invincible to enemies.


This removes the ragdoll from the character. It seems the games engine treats the ragdoll as the “hurtbox” (hitbox for registrating dealing damage), I suppose. So enemies can’t hit you when this “outfit” is active. Changing it to “Haydee” (the original) will cause you to take damage when hit.


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