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Heart of Crown PC – Card Types

13 December 2017, Wednesday, 14:31:00


Card Types

The card’s type is written in the lower left. There are both Main Types and Sub-Types. Sub-Types will be in parentheses.


Main Type:  The seven main types of cards in this basic set are Princess, Territory, Action, Attack, Defense, Succession, and Calamity. (Future expansions will add other card types, such as Support.) Each card will be of at least one of these types. There are also some cards with multiple main types, such as “Attack/Defense.”


Princess Cards:  These important cards represent princesses who stand to inherit the throne. They are handled differently from other cards, and are not added to your deck.


Action Cards:  These are cards that you use on your own turn.


Attack Cards:  These are cards that you use on your own turn.


Defense Cards:  These are cards that you can use when player uses an Attack Card against you. Use them during an opponent’s turn.


Territory Cards:  These are cards that you use on your own turn. You mainly use them to collect taxes (Coins).


Succession Cards:  These cards give you the Succession Points that you need to win the game. Once you have backed a Princess, you can place Succession cards in your Domain.


Calamity Cards:  A Calamity card represents some kind of event such as a curse, misfortune, etc. (In this Base Set, Curse cards are the only type of Calamity available).


Sub-Type:  Some cards also have a sub-type, which will be written below the Main Type in parentheses. Sub-Types include Military, Magic, Maid, etc.


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