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Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns Cheats

7 February 2019, Thursday, 15:23:40


While playing the game, press ”tilde ~” (between the Tab and ESC keys) to display the console window. When the console is open, type the following codes. Note: You may first need to change your keyboard layout to “US” to use this function. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Result Cheat Code
Allows to nuke every province without checking any conditions debug_nuking
Gives max war score in all wars for the country winwars
Research a technology when clicking on technology tree icon research_on_icon_click
Adds manpower to player manpower [<Amount>]
Add core add_core [<Province ID>]
Add opinion to/from add_opinion [<Country tag>]
Gives Army, navy and air experience to player xp [XP amount]
Adds more humans morehumans(humans) [num]
Reinitializes the supply reloadsupply(relsup)
Updates the equipment database updateequipments
Updates the subunit database updatesubunits
Toggles the AI on or off ai
Toggles AI naval invasions ai_invasion
Adds diplomatic entroute add_diplo
Toggle weather simulation weather
Instant research on/off instantresearch
Instant production on/off instantsproduction
Instant construction on/off instantconstruction
Adds or show thread level of player threat [Threat amount]
Gives political power to player pp [amount]
Toggle fog of war debug_fow
Instantly prepares naval invasions instant_prepare
Toggle AI favorable response ai_accept
Spawns a tweaker GUI tweakergui
Mass conquer tool massconquer(massc)


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