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Server Admin Commands

The following is a list of admin commands in-game.



Command Description
/ban [userName] (days|reason) Bans the desired player from the server. You can set the number of days and/or reason
/banlist (userName) Lists the users that have been banned. Optionally via username
/bettergui Switches the in-game gui to its alternative
/build [sphere|cube] (radius) (material) Creates a shape out of blocks
/butcher (radius) (“silent”) Kills all monsters and critter in a radius
/clearinv (userName) Clears your inventory or (username)
/config Modify the server configuration
/fly (userName) Toggles fly mode for yourself or (username)
/give [item] [amount] (userName) Gives a specified [amount] of an [item] optionally to (username)
/giveall Gives max of every item available
/godmode (username) Enables godmode for yourself or (username)
/heal (username) Heals yourself or (username)
/hydrate (username) Hydrates yourself or (username)
/instantbuild Toggles instant building for the local player
/itemlist Lists out the names of all of the items. For use with /give
/kick [username] Kicks the specified player from the server
/killall (radius) (“silent”) Kills all entities in a radius from you. Chests are not destroyed
/list Displays a list of online players
/nosecurity Toggles security on or off
/notice [message] Shows a message from the server
/nourish (username) Nourishes yourself or (username)
/popup [message] Shows a popup message to all players
/question [message] Shows a popup to all players with a yes or no question
/say [username] [message] Forces [username] to say a [message]
/shutdown Saves and stops the server
/stophunger [username] Stops hunger on yourself or [username]
/stopthirst [username] Stops thirst on yourself or [username]
/time Controls the worlds time. Use a /help time for full list
/tp [x] [z] Teleports the user to the desired location. Defaults to 0,0
/unban [username|index] Unbans the desired player on the server
/videofly Toggles flying camera mode
/weather Changes the weather for the world Use a /help weather for a full list
/whitelist Allow specific players to log in while the whitelist is enabled.


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