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Heat Signature – Achievement Guide

24 September 2017, Sunday, 23:23:08


Achievement Guide

Campaign Achievements

End of an Era
Retire Sader Fiasco


Magic Reality
Complete a practice mission
Tip: Complete the tutorial mission


Complete a Hard (or harder) mission


Complete an Audacious (or harder) mission


Complete a Mistake mission
Tip: Harder difficulties unlock as you progress through the game and unlock more stations.


Complete a Ghost Clause


Complete a Bloodless Clause


Complete an Enigma Clause


Complete a Silence Clause


Complete a Pacifist Clause


Ghost Thief
Complete a theft without being seen or harming anyone


Only The Guilty
Complete an assassination mission without harming any other crew
Tip: Just like difficulties, clauses unlock as you progress through the game, liberating stations.
Tip: Clause restrictions do not apply to the target, if there’s one. So yes, you can do a Pacifist Assassination mission.


Complete your personal mission
Tip: You can unlock your personal mission by talking to Sader Fiasco and paying around 200 credits.


Self Help
Rescue one of your own characters


Coming Through
Rescue a friend’s character
Tip: In order to rescue a character, you gotta let them be captured first. Just enter a mission, activate an alert and let the time run out.
Tip: Your captured characters can be rescued by your Steam friends as well.


Retire as a Living Legend
Tip: You become a Living Legend once you unlock three to four space stations. At this point, you’ll notice on the mission description that you’re getting less than 100% Liberation score because you’re way too famous. When that happens, retire to get this achievement.


Find an item that belonged to a Steam friend’s character
Tip: Once you retire, you can leave an item as a heirloom. Those itens can be randomly found in boxes throughout the game.


Liberate a station
Tip: You can liberate stations by doing jobs and “inspiring” other people to defect to your group. Once you did enough, liberations will become available at the Strategy Map, above the mission selector.


The Fiasco Reckoning
Completely eliminate a faction from the galaxy
Tip: To eliminate a faction from the galaxy, you need to conquer every single one of their stations. This might take a while.


End Game
Talk to Fiasco after liberating every Stronghold
Tip: This ends the game and all your progress. Leave this one for last.


Cauldron of Stars
Start a new galaxy


Billions Dead
Delete a Galaxy
Tip: You can have up to three galaxies at once, so don’t worry about your progress.


Tricky Achievements

Strange Justice
Cause a guard to shoot themselves by Swapping with them


Lightning Strike
Take someone out with a melee attack less than 0.5 seconds after Sidewinding


Kill someone with a Shortblade within 1 second of killing someone with a Longblade


Crash a shield


Living in a Bubble
Reflect a bullet with an emergency shield


Conflicted Hitman
Deliver an assassination target alive
Like the description says.


I Wouldn’t…
Cause a guard with a subverted shield to shoot themselves


Known Issue
Cause a sentry to shoot a guard by subverting it
Tip: Subverter beams makes things work the opposite way they should. Shields reflect the insides, sentries shoot friends, and so on.


Visitor Pass
Acquire a keycard while Visiting


Unauthorised Visitation
Use a second Visitor before the first returns you


A Weight Lifted
Be rescued from your captor by the Visitor
Tip: Visitors are teleporters that return you to where you started after a certain amount of time. This happens even if you’re unconscious or have been captured.


One Careful Owner
Complete a Hijack mission in a Warzone
Tip: This one is tricky. Aside from the randomness of finding a Hijack + Warzone mission, you gotta be fast enough to clean the ship before it gets attacked.
Bigger ships are easier to Hijack in Warzones – most of the time, the attacking ship just gives up halfway.
Prioritize the enemies near the front of the ship, since attacking ships usually start shooting your back.


Outside the Box
Complete an Assassinate mission without entering the ship
In order to get this achievement, you should complete the mission without even docking your pod.
The easy way to get this achievement is to enter an Assassination mission, hijack a different ship and use it to bombard your target. You can fire missiles with the right button while flying the ship.
You can also get this achievement by getting a Brick and throwing it against the ship until the target dies.


They’ll Live
Knock a Capture target through a window
Tip: This is a tricky one. You have to make the target’s body break a window. The only way I found to make this happen is to get on a Capture mission where the target is armored, trick him into a windowed room and then hammer him onto the window until it breaks.


White Knuckle Extraction
Catch a Rescue target in your pod while they’re suffocating in space
Tip: Jump through a broken window while carrying your Rescue target, then use your pod to get both of you. Rescue targets suffocate faster, so grab them first.


Gold Text
Find a unique item
Tip: This is totally random. Just keep playing.


Well Done
Knock yourself out with a wrench you threw
Tip: You can throw things by pressing T. Then use a Sidewinder, a Swapper or a Visitor to teleport yourself in front of the wrench.
Unlocked this achievement by throwing a wrench at a window and being sucked into space.


Save someone with the Offworld Angel


Break a ship with the Foundry Brick


Pass through a ship’s vision undetected in the Sovereign Coldfire


Teleport to an airlock with the Glitcher’s Tick
Tip: The Angel, the Brick, the Coldfire and the Tick are exclusive pods of each of the factions in the game. You can unlock them by liberating stations at the Strategy Map, and then buying them at the Pod Shop.
Tip: The Angel lets you easily grab people floating in space. While flying the pod, get near your target and press Use (E) to pull them towards you.
Tip: The Brick lets you open holes in ships by ramming into them. Just… fly very fast into the enemy ship. You can dock in open holes, which makes it very convenient for difficult missions in big ships where your objective is as far as possible from the starting airlocks – just ram the helm!
Tip: The Coldfire is a stealth ship. It cannot be detected by the enemy ship’s searchlights, or by the heat signature radars that some very big ships may have.
Tip: The Tick lets you instantly snap to an airlock without all the hassle of manouvering. While flying the pod near a ship, just press Use (E) to teleport to the airlock.


Objects in Space
Board a ship without docking your pod


Make it to a station after your pod has been destroyed
Tip: The easiest way to unlock these two is to do the Defector mission in Coldrock Haven (where you start the game.) You’ll start in space with no pod, and will have to maneuver yourself to the enemy ship using your shotgun.


Out of Gas
Dock at a friendly station while on emergency fuel
Tip: To get on emergency fuel, let your pod be hit by a ship by flying on their flashlights. You’ll have a limited amount of fuel to get to a station and have it repaired.

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