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Heat Signature Cheats

24 November 2017, Friday, 0:01:43



Infinite Money Cheat

Sell Your Grenades

This is mainly targeted toward mid to late game money grinding, as some players may find getting the required equipment to be difficult in the very beginning.

Step 1: Aquire a restockable, or preferably self-charging, REMOTE grenade launcher. (Do not attempt with impact or timed grenades.)

Step 2: Clear a ship so you will not be disturbed.

Step 3: Launch all of your remote grenades.

Step 4: Open inventory and send all of the remote grenades to your stash.




Step 5: If your grenade launcher is self charging, speed up time repeating steps 3 and 4, if not skip to step 6.

Step 6: Return to a friendly station, access the stash, profit.


Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It is likely to eventually get patched.


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