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Heaven Will Be Mine – All Achievements & Endings

26 July 2018, Thursday, 7:28:29

All Achievements & Endings

All achievements can be gotten in 4 playthroughs which will take around 4 hours depending on how you decide to play.



Necklace of Storms

Get any ending as Saturn



Sea of Crises

Get any ending as Luna-Terra



Eye of the Underworld

Get any ending as Pluto



…Our True Ending

Beat the game as each character once



The New Planets

Side with Celestial Mechanics



Moving The Decimal Place

Side with the Memorial Foundation



Childhood Again

Side with Cradle’s Graces



That Which Is Strong Will Not Triumph

Get all three endings (CM, MF, CG) as any character(s)



Good At Bad Decisions

Click any alignment option for the first time



Subtext Is For Cowards

Read all chats in the “Comms” tab on all three characters

Hint : New chats appear after every mission, click through until you get the “Channel Closed” message.



The Ending We Choose Is…

Find a way to make sure everyone is equal

Hint : Make sure your alignment with all three factions is 50/50/50 by the final day, you can check the “Alignment” tab to see your exact standings. This ending will allow you to pick from any of the three faction endings regardless of choices or character.



I’ve Never Betrayed Anyone In My Entire Life

Side with Celestial Mechanics or Cradle’s Graces as Luna-Terra can also be achieved with the neutral ending if you don’t pick MF.



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