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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – How to Get The Bonus Ending Guide


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – How to Get The Bonus/Secret Ending 

There are 44 lorestones found throughout Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. For finding them all in one playthrough, you’ll earn an extended bonus ending. All lorestones are missable — if you progress into a chapter without finding them all, you’ll have to restart the game.


Chapter 1 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #1: After stepping off the boat, you’ll find this lorestone to the right of the path forward.
Lorestone #2: On the coast with a view of a massive bridge leading to a strange structure, cross under the struts and reach a waterfall around the corner. Grab this stone before going up the steps.
Lorestone #3: Complete the first symbol door, then carefully walk across a balance beam to cross a gap. The lorestone is on the cliff, facing the bridge.
Lorestone #4: After the first enemy appears, defeat it and go to the gate to find this lorestone on the right.


Chapter 2 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #5: Reach the fork in the road and take the left path to enter the Illusion Trial. Move straight ahead up the ramp and look on the ruins to your right.
Lorestone #6: Still on the left path — there’s a locked door later in the chapter — use the illusion gates to break the wall near the door so Senua can slip inside and unlock the door. Now return to the illusion and repair the wall. Enter through the door to find the lorestone upstairs, across a wooden balance beam.
Lorestone #7: Following the left path, you’ll eventually walk directly into this lorestone after the second battle.
Lorestone #8: From the previous lorestone, follow the road and look for a hidden path on the right — there’s an alcove behind and around the barrier of creepy crow figures.
Lorestone #9: The last lorestone is found after interacting with the symbol door. Repair the bridge to the center of the zone, then use the center illusion gate to get across the drawbridge and enter the fortified castle. Inside, there’s a cave path that leads to the last lorestone.


Chapter 3 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #10: Defeat the boss fight, then return to the start of the area. Go through the fire gate on the right to enter canyon passage — there’s a cave further ahead on the right containing this lorestone.
Lorestone #11: Following the second fight, reach the bridge but don’t cross it. Take the path to the left and look left toward the rocks to spot the lorestone.
Lorestone #12: Continue down the ramp and walk under the bridge from the previous lorestone. As you enter the charred forest, go to the back-right corner.
Lorestone #13: In the area with the pair of burnt houses, enter the house on the right. This is after you escape the second forest fire.
Lorestone #14: After another burning escape, climb the ladder into the large structure and use the bridge on the left to enter the adjoining house. As you enter, go left to the balcony to find this lorestone.


Chapter 4 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #15: From the door with three glowing symbols, go outside to the right. You’ll run right into this easy-to-see lorestone.
Lorestone #16: Continue down onto the crashed long boat and repair the stairs leading up to the second floor of the hall. Go up those steps and continue until you see a ladder leading down and outside. Go to this alcove to find the last lorestone in this level.


Chapter 5 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #17: Sticking out of the sand on the shore. Look to the waterline while walking across the sand to spot it before continuing up to the symbol door.
Lorestone #18: Up the steps from the beach, you’ll find this lorestone. Just stop before going up the second set of stone stairs.
Lorestone #19: Continue down the shore past a beached ship. The lorestone is behind the ship, sticking out of the sand. Just follow the water from Lorestone #17.
Lorestone #20: When entering the end of the beach, there’s an area full of wrecked ships. Go to the back-right corner of the area and look for a small, semi-hidden alcove containing this lorestone.
Lorestone #21: Found on the beach, to the left as you approach the tree with hanging corpses.
Lorestone #22: In the same area with the creepy corpse tree, circle around and look on the sand directly behind the tree.


Chapter 6 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #23: Interact with the tree to start Chapter 6 and make four trial shards appear. When looking at the tree, turn around then go to the left shard — enter the shard, and immediately run forward and left to find the shard near the burial mound.
Lorestone #24: When you enter the dark labyrinth, there are three lorestones to discover. Go left, then left, then left-ish straight to find the first one.
Lorestone #25: Restart, and follow this path — left, then right, then left. The path has pin-prick holes in the ceiling, providing some light to the hall.
Lorestone #26: From Lorestone #25, take the right path from the lorestone and into the dark passage, then go right, then right, then left, and finally right into an alcove with the last lorestone.


Chapter 7 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #27: Next, restart from the tree. When facing it, turn around, then go to the shard on the right — drop down the small ledge to reach it. Appearing on a dock with the tower ahead, move forward and push down the bridge on the right to reach the mask — use it, then approach the tower door. The lorestone is located to the left of the symbol door.
Lorestone #28: Found inside the fortress. Enter the fort in the past to find the lorestone next to the long dining table. You’ll need to go here to get the symbol for the door.
Lorestone #29: Open the symbol door in present time to spot this lorestone along the back ruined wall, at the base of the stairs.
Lorestone #30: Continue up to the second floor of the fort. It’s straight ahead at the top of the steps. Can only be seen in the present.
Lorestone #31: Up on the third floor, enter the past and look along the back wall (down the path from the stairs) to find the lorestone. It’s between the two barred doors to the balcony.
Lorestone #32: Unlock both barred doors and use them to circle around to the mask in the present. Push down the bridge, then enter the past and check out the balcony — back track a bit to find it.


Chapter 8 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #33: When facing the tree, go to the back-left shard. Drop into the swamp and run right until you reach the second circular illusion gate. From here, go to the right to find a lorestone behind another illusion gate near the steps up to the wooden tower.
Lorestone #34: Cross the repaired bridge and enter the glowing blue house — look in the right corner.


Chapter 9 – Lorestone Locations



Chapter 10 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #35: After completing all four shards, you’ll enter Chapter 10. The first is straight ahead as you enter the mountain through the pair of large double doors.
Lorestone #36: At the symbol door with three locks, go down the circular staircase and into the cavern. Walk through the water to the first shaft of light. Enter the cavern to the right, then reach the second shaft of light — from here, look right. There’s a lorestone that’s hard to see along the cave wall.
Lorestone #37: After escaping the dark cave, climb the spiral staircase to the top and enter the section of ruined wall before going through the door. Climb up into the dark and dangerous alcove to grab the lorestone.
Lorestone #38: Furth in the chapter, you’ll need to re-light your torch after stepping through a waterfall. Past the balance beam, enter the alcove to the right in the path ahead.
Lorestone #39: Follow the left path now, dropping into the cavern below. When you drop down, stick to the left wall to find this lorestone.
Lorestone #40: Inside the tunnel after unlocking the symbol door. Find it on the right wall.


Chapter 11 – Lorestone Locations

Lorestone #41: Climb the ladder on your left after defeating the boss and get into the cave that leads to a long spiral staircase. The lorestone is at the base of the steps.
Lorestone #42: After a cutscene, you’ll appear on a large broken bridge. Immediately turn around and run toward the closed gate — there’s a lorestone in the alcove back here.
Lorestone #43: Repair the bridge, then (from the bridge) repair the ruined door directly to the right of your starting position post-cutscene. The lorestone is in a cell at the bottom of the stairs.
Lorestone #44: Ahead, you’ll find a tall spiral staircase. Climb all the way to the top to find the last lorestone.


Collect all 44 in the same playthrough to unlock a bonus ending, and get the “Stories from the North” trophy.

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