Hellish Quart PC Controls



This page contains the default Controls for the PC version of Hellish Quart.



Keyboard & Gamepad




Move Forward D D-Pad Right
Move Backward A D-Pad Left
Move Right  S D-Pad Down
Move Left W D-Pad Up
Attack One Y Y
Attack Two T X
Attack Three H B
Attack Four G A
Blade Bind Space Left Trigger
Grab 1 E Right Shoulder
Grab 2 Left Shoulder
Pause Menu ESC Start
UI Horizontal Right D D-Pad Right
UI Horizontal Left A D-Pad Left
UI Vertical Up W D-Pad Up
UI Vertical Down S D-PadDown
UI Submit G A
UI Cancel ESC B
Trawl Doors Right Right
Trawl Doors Left Left
Switch to First Person V Y
Exit Driver Seat / Alt. Interact
Toggle Binoculars Right Mouse Button X
Pause Menu Escape
Toggle HUD Left Mouse Button RB
UI Navigation Up Up
UI Navigation Down Down
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