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Heroes of Might and Magic IV – Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

31 May 2018, Thursday, 19:32:50

Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Alt+N – New Game
Alt+L – Load Game
Alt+S – Save Game
Alt+O – Options
Alt+M – Main Menu
Esc – Deselects towns/armies on adventure map
I – Scenario Info
M – Marketplace
G – Thieves Guild
P – Puzzle Map
K – Kingdom Overview
[Home] – Centers the screen on the currently selected hero or target
H – Selects Next Hero
Z – Current Hero Sleeps
W – Wakes Current Hero
T – Select Next Town
[Enter] – Move Army
C – Cast Spell
D – Dig
Q – Quest Log
V – View World
U – Toggle Underground and Surface
E – End Turn
Arrow Keys – Move Selected Army
Crtl+Arrow Keys – Scrolls Adventure Map
PageUp/PageDown – Scrolls Army/Town List Up and Down
[F4] – Toggles Window/Full Screen Modes
[Alt]+X – Exits the game from the adventure map


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