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Heroes of the Monkey Tavern Gamepad Controls


Gamepad Controls

Inside menu :

Navigate : D-Pad
Select : A
Back : B


In-game :

Move : D-Pad
Rotate left : LB
Rotate right : RB
View : Right stick
Previous player : LT
Next player : RT
Use right hand : A
Use left hand : B
Inventory : Y
Action / Pick up : X
Use life potion : Left stick up
Use mana potion : Left stick down
Sleep : Right stick button
Map : View
Menu / Discard a healing spell : Menu


Inventory :

Navigate : D-Pad
Previous player : LT
Next player : RT
Select : A
Equip / Use / Unequip : Y
Drop : X
Close : B


Pick up window :

Previous player : D-Pad left
Next player : D-Pad right
Take : A
Equip : Y
Next item if more than one, if only one close the dialog : X
Close the pick up dialog : B

-You can exchange items between players clicking on a player portrait with an item selected.
-You can also sleep clicking the Zzz button on the top right corner.



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