Hexanome – Complete Walkthrough (All Achievements)


All non-tutorial levels solved using minimum moves (or better). Also how to unlock the “Get Distracted” achievement.



Package 1

Level 1.3

up-left, up-left, up, cleanup



Level 1.4

up, up-right, up (pellet), cleanup



Level 1.5

up, up-side towards where both tiles are still open, down-side to the open tile, cleanup



Level 1.6

up, up, up-right, up, cleanup



Level 1.7

up-right, up-right (pellet), down, down-left, cleanup



Level 1.8 (1 under par)

all the way down (pellet), all the way up (pellet), cleanup

(You will finish with 17/18 moves)



Level 1.9

up, down, all the way up



Level 1.10

up, use double move to squeeze into the still open side, up-side (pellet), down-side, then move diagonally up to the switch, then down into the double move to clean up



Level 1.11

up, up, up-side towards the open side twice (pellet), back to the switch, use the double move for cleanup



Level 1.12

up-right, up right (pellet)

down-left, down, down, down-left (pellet)

up-right, up, up to the switch, then use the double move for cleanup



Level 1.13

left: up

right: up

left: up, up (pellet), down, down

right: cleanup



Level 1.14

left: up, up

right: up, up

left: up-left, up-left (pellet), down-right, down-right

right: up-right, up-right (pellet), down-left, up-left

left: down-right

right: cleanup



Level 1.15

top: down, down

bottom: up

top: up, up

bottom: up

top: up

bottom: up, up

top: cleanup



Level 1.16

middle: up

left. up

middle: up, up (pellet), down 3x

left: up

right: up

left: up, up (pellet)

right: up

middle: down

right: cleanup



Level 1.17

middle: down-right, down-right

right: up, up

left: down, down-left

cleanup with all three



Level 1.18

left: up

right: up-right

left: up-left

right: up, up (pellet)

left: up (pellet), up

right: up

left: cleanup



Level 1.19

top: up-right, down-right (pellet)

bottom: up-left, up-left (pellet), down-right

top: up-left

bottom: down-right, down

top: up-left, up (pellet)

bottom: down-left (pellet)

top: down

bottom: cleanup



Package 2

Level 2.1

up-right, up-left, up, cleanup



Level 2.2

up, up, down, up-left, up-right, cleanup



Level 2.3

up, up-right, up, up-left (pellet), up-left, up, cleanup



Level 2.4

up, up-right, up, up, down-left, cleanup



Level 2.5

up-left 3x (pellet), down-right, up-right, up, down-right, up, up (pellet), down, down-right, down, cleanup



Level 2.6

up-right, up-left, up-left, cleanup



Level 2.7

up 3x, up-left, up-left, up (pellet), down, down-right, down-right, up 3x (pellet), down, down, down-right, up-left, down-right, cleanup



Level 2.8

up 3x, down, down-left, up-left, up 3x (pellet)

down 4x onto the lower square switch

up-right, up-right, up 3x (pellet)

down 3x, down-right, up-right, cleanup



Level 2.9

up-left, up, up, up-right (pellet)

up-right, up, up, down-left (pellet)

up-left, cleanup



Level 2.10

up, up, down, all the way up



Level 2.11

up-right, up-left, down, all the way up



Level 2.12

up-left, up-right, down, up-left 3x (pellet)

down-right, down-right, up-right, up, up (pellet)

down, down, down-right, cleanup



Level 2.13

down, down, up, up-right, up-left, all the way up (pellet), all the way down



Level 2.14

up, up-side towards the open side 2x, up for the double move

over the top 3x, back (you should now be top center), forward 2x for the double move

down, down-side for the pellet, then via bottom directly to the other side for the cleanup



Level 2.15 (1 under par)

up-left, down-left, up-left (pellet)

down-right, up-right, up-right, down-right (double move), down-right, up-right (pellet)

down-left, up-left, up, up-left, up-right, up-right (pellet)

down-left, up-left, down, cleanup

(You will finish with 20/21 moves)



Level 2.16

left: up

right: up, down, up

left: up, down

right: up

left: up 3x (pellet)

right: cleanup



Level 2.17 (1 under par)

left: up

right: up, down, down

left: up, up (pellet)

right: down, down (pellet)

left: down 5x

right: up 6x (pellet)

left: cleanup

(You will finish with 20/21 moves)



Level 2.18

left: up, up-left, up (pellet)

right: up, up-right

left: up-right, cleanup



Level 2.19

left: up 3x

right: up 3x

left: up

right: up, cleanup



Package 3

Level 3.2

up-right, down-right (pellet), use locker on left side, cleanup



Level 3.3

use first locker down-left from the right pellet

move: up-right, up, up-right (pellet)

use second locker on tile up-right of remaining pellet

move: down-left, up-left, cleanup



Level 3.4

up, up (pellet)

use first locker on tile above the left pellet

move: down, down

use second locker on bottom center tile

move for cleanup



Level 3.5

use two lockers

move: up 3x

use remaining locker

move for cleanup



Level 3.6

up, up-left, up-left

use two lockers on the tiles to the left of the pellet on the right side

move: down-left (pellet), up-right, up-right

use remaining locker

move for cleanup



Level 3.7

up-right, up-right (pellet)

use first locker on your exit tile at the top

move: up, up (pellet)

use second locker on the top-most grey tile on the left

move for cleanup (top pellet first)



Level 3.8

up-left, up-left (pellet), up

use first locker on tile above the 3 dark tiles

move: up (pellet), up, up (pellet)

use second locker on top-most grey tile on the right side

move: down-right, up-right, up-right, cleanup

(ignore the double move)



Level 3.9

up, down, up, up

up-left, up, up

down-right, cleanup



Level 3.10

down-left, up, up, up-left, down-right, up, up (pellet)

down, down, up-left, down-right, down, down-right (back in the bottom center)

up-right, up, up-right, cleanup



Level 3.11

up 3x, up-right (pellet)

down-left, up 3x (pellet)

down 4x, down-left (pellet)

up-right, down 4x (pellet)



Level 3.12

up, up, up-right, up-left, up, up, down-left, down-left (pellet)

up-right, down-right, down, down-right, down-right (pellet)

up-left, down-left, down, cleanup



Level 3.13

right: up-right, up, up

left: up-right

right: up (pellet), down 3x, down-left

left: up

right: up-left, down-left, up-left

cleanup with both



Level 3.14

left: up-right, up 3x (pellet)

right: up-right, up-right

left: down

right: up, up (pellet)

left: down, down-left, down-left, up-left, cleanup



Level 3.15 (8 under par)

up-left, up-left, down-right, down-right, up 4x (pellet)

(You will finish with 8/16 moves)



Level 3.16

right: down-right, up, up-left

left: up, up

right: down-left, down

left: up, up, up-right, cleanup



Level 3.17

mid: up

left: up, up

mid: up

left: up, up, up-left

right: up 3x

left: up

right: up, up-right

mid: up

right: up

mid: up

cleanup with all three



Level 3.18

up-right, up-right, down, up-left, up-right, up-right (should now be top center)

down, up-right, down-right, down-right (pellet)



Level 3.19 (6 under par)

down 3x (pellet), up 3x, up-right, up, up, down-left, up, up (pellet)

(You will finish with 12/18 moves)



Package 4

Level 4.3

up, up-side towards the open side, up-side, down-side (pellet), then use the portal



Level 4.4

right: up, up-left, teleport, up-side towards the open side

left: up, up-right, teleport, up (double move), up-side into the other side

cleanup with both



Level 4.5

up, teleport, up, up, teleport

use blocker on remaining tile, then cleanup



Level 4.6

use first blocker on column 1

move: up 5x

use second blocker on column 2

move: teleport, up 5x

use third blocker, then cleanup



Level 4.7

use first blocker on right

move: up, up

use second blocker on left

move: teleport, up

use third blocker on right

move: teleport, up 3x (pellet), down 3x

use fourth blocker on left, then cleanup



Level 4.8

up, up, down, up, down, up, teleport

up 3x (pellet), down 3x

up, down, up, down, up, down, teleport

up 3x (pellet)



Level 4.9

left: up, teleport, teleport, up, up

right: up, teleport, teleport, up, up

left: up, up (pellet)

right: up, up (pellet)



Level 4.10

up, up-left, up (pellet)

down, down-left, teleport and cleanup



Level 4.11

bottom: up-left, up-left

top: down-left, down-left, down (pellet), up, up-left, teleport, up-left

bottom: up (pellet), down, down-left, teleport, down-left

cleanup with both



Level 4.12

down 4x (pellet), up, teleport, up (pellet)



Level 4.13 (4 under par)

up, up, down, up 4x (pellet), down, up, down, teleport, up 5x (pellet)

(You will finish with 16/20 moves)



Level 14

down, down (pellet)

up, down, up, teleport, up (pellet)

down 6x (pellet)

up, teleport, up (pellet)



Level 4.15

up, down-right, down-left, up-right, up, cleanup



Level 4.16

up, down 3x, teleport, up (pellet)



Level 4.17

down-right, up-right, down-left, up-left, down-right, up-left, up 4x (pellet)



Level 4.18 (6 under par)

use blocker two tiles above (circle switch)

move: up 3x (pellet)

(You will finish with 3/9 moves)



Level 4.19

up 4x (pellet), down, down, teleport

teleport, up, up, down 3x

up, teleport

all remaining moves are forced


Get Distracted

To unlock the hidden achievement go to the title screen of the game. Now move the triangle up all the way until it eats a square pellet.



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