Hidden Through Time Cheats



All Achievements 

Found you! Achievement

Find an objective



It’s right there! Achievement

Find 10 objectives Achievement



Those are rookie numbers! Achievement

Find 25 objectives



You think your objectives are safe? Achievement

Find 50 objectives



I will find them! Achievement

Find 100 objectives



Sweeped Achievement

Find all objectives of a map



Map Scanner Achievement

Find All objectives of 5 maps



Ten Times Tracker Achievement

Find All objectives of 10 maps



Fifteen Fully Found Achievement

Find All objectives of 15 maps



Compulsive Searcher Achievement

Find All objectives of all maps



We’ve struck rock! Achievement

Find All Cavemen objectives



It’s good to find the King. Achievement

Find All Medieval objectives



Track like an Egyptian. Achievement

Find All Egyptian objectives



It’s high noon Achievement

Find All Western objectives



Part of the community. Achievement

Complete an online map



Online Tracking Achievement

Complete 5 online maps



Under the Firewall Achievement

Complete 10 online maps



Deep Web Searcher Achievement

Complete 25 online maps



Online Search Engine Achievement

Complete 50 online maps




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