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HighFleet – Relationship Metrics Guide

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Relationship Metrics

As a result of conversations and actions, a number of metrics may be adjusted that impact your campaign in subtle ways. During a conversation these can be seen in the bottom right of the screen by hovering over them with your mouse.




This measures your fleet’s personal beliefs as they evolve during the campaign according to how you conduct yourself. Worldview impacts the Morale damage or boosts from future actions that are seen as unacceptable or desirable.


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1. Fear – Your embrace of fear as a weapon to rule the people.


2. Gerat – Your favor with the land/people of Gerat.


3. Romani – Your favor with the Romani Empire.


4. Faith – Your respect for people’s religious beliefs and practices.


5. Order – How much do you value law and order versus crime and chaos.


6. Force – How much you rely on brute force and bullying tactics.


7. Wealth – How much you value money above other virtues.


8. Kindness – How you treat people, for example rescuing downed crews at crash sites.


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