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HighFleet – Tactical Missile Control

A Tarkhan doesn’t always need to charge into battle on the front lines – while it may not be as honorable if the stakes are high enough you will be forgiven for launching long-range tactical missiles to destroy the enemy. Be warned though, once you launch a nuclear weapon, you will formally declare Nuclear War and the enemy can then launch their own nukes.



1. Missile Type Selection – Rotate the knob to change the missile type.


2. Missile Quantity Selection – Choose the number of missiles by arming each launcher.


3. Launch Button – Press it if you dare. See below for details.


There are three main tactical missile classes, each of which may have conventional or nuclear warheads attached:


× Fast Guided Missiles (long-range Air to Surface, standoff, long-range Anti-Aircraft) – used within your radar tracking radius to weaken strike groups/outposts, or destroy incoming enemy aircraft and missiles.


× Cruise Missiles – very long range but fly at subsonic speeds. Can be used to weaken outposts or strike groups (that you may learn about through transmissions or intel) long before radar contact. You need to judge the target’s future position carefully.


× Ballistic Missiles – rarer types that are extremely effective against stationary targets.


Once you’ve selected your armaments, click the Launch button then click the desired target on the map. Choose a target within the outer white ring around your fleet – the target line and ring will turn red if you go outside this, indicating the target is beyond your range. You will still be allowed to launch the missile (see below), but it will likely fail.


The light on the Launch button will now flash while it awaits your final order, giving you a chance to cancel the attack (simply rotate the armament selection knob). If you are certain, press Launch again and the missile will move towards your destination when time is flowing.



These tactical missiles will use either SARH (Semi-Active Radar Homing) if you are currently tracking the target, or ARH (Active Radar Homing) if you lose tracking contact or are firing at an arbitrary point on the map. SARH will reliably hit, while ARH is less certain.


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