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Highlight – Full Game Walkthrough

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Full Game Walkthrough

The first room

In the starting room are a couple of objects that will hint a little bit of the plot to the player. Did you notice that the eyes blink from time to time? That is all there is to this room. Head through the right door.


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The second room

This is where all of Roos her happy memories are stored. Notice how every object in this room has a title when interacted. Walk down the stairs and head south. You’ll come across a wooden room. Enter the room and interact with the laptop. The laptop will ask you which memory Roos has not posted on her Instagram yet. The player has to visit the Instagram page of Roos in real life to find this answer. Each object in this room visualizes a memory.




So what object fits which picture? From top to bottom on Roos het Instagram page:


  • Picture 1: The dress.


  • Picture 2: The graduation hat.


  • Picture 3: The binocular.


  • Picture 4: The dentist coat.


  • Picture 5: The chair on the beach.


  • Picture 6: The miniature ship in a bottle.


  • Picture 7: The table filled with alcohol.


  • Picture 8: The basket with vegetables.


  • Picture 9: The canoe.


  • Picture 10: The towel


  • Picture 11: The snowman.


  • Picture 12: The corner sofa.


  • Picture 13: The guitar.


  • Picture 14: The window.


  • Picture 15: The rock in the water.


The only object without a picture on Instagram is Finland. So that is the answer needed for the laptop.



The third room

After you entered the right answer in the second room, the third room will unlock. First, walk back to the first room. Then head through the left door. This room is a lot darker. When you keep on walking through this room you will be met by a closed door. In this room are also five dark objects. When you interact with these objects you will be asked a question about Roos. To open the next door you’ll have to answer all five of the questions. After correctly answering a question you will be met with a video giving you some story.


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From the south to the north of the room the answers are:


What is my relationship status?: Single. The caption of picture 7 from the top declares this.


What is my diet? : Vegan. The caption of picture 8 from the top declares this. The bowl of vegetables from the second room also declares this.


What is the farthest I traveled? : Willemstad or Curacao are both correct. The caption of picture 12 from the top shows that Roos lives in Leeuwarden which is a city in the Netherlands. After measuring the distances of all her holiday locations the player can conclude that Willemstad is the furthest.


What is the secret code I left for my parents? : Pressure. The only caption where Roos talks about her parents is in picture 2 from the top. Some letters in this caption have a different font. When you put all these letters next to each other the word pressure is shown.


In which city is the dental practice where I used to work located? : Harlingen. This can be concluded from the location and caption of picture 6 from the top.


After entering all the answers the final door will open. All you have to do now is walk through that door. Thank you so much for playing our game!


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