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Game Walkthrough

Harley Manor

You’re playing as Joey unless specified here.



Joey’s Room

– Grab the tap shoes next to you.
– Walk left a bit, grab the keys from the lion plushie thing on the window seat.
– Grab the talkie on the floor.
– Walk left to the second portion of the room; open the closet.
– Play Simon Says (Y, YR, YRG), get batteries.
– Talk to Jude.
– Write in diary (on the desk).
– Leave for the hallway.




– Walk towards the bottom of the screen to the next map.
– Open the closet.
– Tap dance! Viola, flashlight.
– Head back to the first map, then all the way back to the attic stairs (next map, right of the bedroom door in the archway if you’re confused).
– Take the stairs to the (surprise! Not really) locked door. Whoops.
– Head back and go downstairs to the living room (power should cut on the map prior).



Living Room

– There’s literally nothing here for you. Walk through to the kitchen. (Back door, just keep walking ‘straight’.)




– Turn off the radio, get the batteries from the compartment on the top left (held shut by bandaids).
– Power your flashlight.
– Walk right, go to the basement (back door in the mini hallway).




– Walk left, tap-dance the pile away.
– Click the breaker, start it up.
– Walk right and strife! (Tap-dance + Ballet away.)



Trophy Room

– Walk through the Kitchen (left) and Living Room (first panel you arrive in, to the right) to get here.
– STRIFE! (Dog treats x3)
– Pull the deer’s antler.



Treehouse | (Jude)

– Grab a green and red marble from the desk drawer, then grab the pouch.
– Click the pigeons and send them away (all three of them).




– Leave the Trophy Room and go back to the Kitchen.
– STRIFE! (Tap-dance, Flashlight, Spices (sparkly thing behind you on your right; grab this first!).)
– Cracker from the cabinet on the left; feed the birb.
– Take birb and marbles back to the Trophy Room.



Trophy Room

– Take the birb/marbles and put them on the tiger’s eyes on the right.
– Spin the globe. Viola, key.
– Head back towards the attic.



Living Room

– Joey: Get decked (just click the monsters on the right). Swap to Jude (top right icons if you have your panel open).
– Jude: Get flare gun from the box on the right and flares from the metal box on the left under the desk; load the gun and shoot a flare into the busted open wall from the window.
– Swap back to Joey, use the flashlight, then swap back to Jude.
– Rinse and repeat twice more.




– A/N: You can Game Over here by swapping to Jude. ;D




– Beeline for that portal bois (walk right, then straight back).
– Pull off the tarp, then move off to the side.
– Use the Very Obvious Key on the portal door.





Any chats noted with (auto) happen automatically.



Dammek’s Basement

– Pick up the tablet on the floor and talk to Xefros (auto; I like Xerox better pfffft <3).
– Grab the piece of paper on the ground towards the cube of icky purple junk.
– Talk to Xefros again; walk over to the control panel by the forklift and play the (stupid) snake game on the tablet.
– The doors should unlock and Joey’ll run into the next room after seeing [Deercat]. Talk to Xefros once more (auto).
– Click the big ol’ screen and talk to Xefros /again/.



Xefros’ Balcony | (Xefros from here on for now.)

– Click the box, get the FLARP Manual, head inside.



Xefros’ Bedroom

– Use your telekinesis (top, middle purple hand icon) on the spoon pile. [Spoon!]
– Walk right to the tablet on the desk and talk to Joey (auto).
– Leave the room; walk through the hallway to the door on the right to enter the Game Room.



Game Room

– Get the bat from the wall with the spoon; head back out into the hallway.



Hallway / Living Room

– Walk right and go downstairs. Whoo.
– From the Living Room, walk left into the Kitchen.




– Grab the book from the table and a drink from the fridge.
– Head back upstairs to the game room.



Game Room

– Play the little door game. (YOU CAN’T TELL ME THAT ISN’T ERIDAN ON THE CAN.)
– Get the Lusus snacks and go back to the kitchen.




– Feed the lusus after naming it and get the hell out of dodge.



Backyard (?)

– Grab the software.
– Get beaned by rubble via missile.



Dammek’s Basement (Joey until End)

– Crawl on the pile of junk after talking to Xefros (auto) to get to Dammek’s… Uh. We’ll call this the Safe Room??



Safe Room

– Walk to the left and grab the giant book towards the bottom of the screen.
– Use the newly obtained green cube on the door panel.
– Congratulations, you triggered the security. Whoops.



Computer Room

– Click the panel on the wall to trigger the next snake game; talk to Xefros after failing (auto).
– Walk to the left to the next ‘map’, then to the right to the computer. Have Joey note the little paper on there with the scribbles.
– Head back to the panel and beat the stupid snake game.
– Hi [Deercat]! Time to book it to the kitchen!




– Talk to Xefros (auto).
– Click the cabinet for a bowl and the fridge for the milk (lower left of the door).
– Combine the two then click the door with the bowl of milk. This’ll feed [Deercat].
– Head upstairs into the… We’ll call this an Attic too.




– Grab the hoverpad and talk to Xefros (auto).
– Grab the vet bag from the couch in the back off to the left.
– Walk further left and remove the junk with the hoverpad, then talk to Xefros yet again (auto).
– Walk downstairs into the Safe Room and head back into the Computer Room.



Computer Room

– Walk left to the next panel; the one with the [Deercat].
– Use the book you got from the Safe Room on the [Deercat] to learn about it.
– It’s actually a Cuspidated Grimalkin but we’re going to keep calling it a [Deercat] too.
– Use the vet bag on the [Deercat].
– Ride the [Deercat]. Talk to Xefros (auto).



Xefros’ Backyard

– Talk to Xefros (auto).
– Use hoverpad on debris to free Xefros.


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