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Holdfast: Nations At War – Keyboard Controls

25 September 2017, Monday, 0:25:44


Keyboard Controls / KEYBINDS

Left CTRL = Crouch

‘Free’ Camera = Tilde Key (~ key)

C = First/Third Person Switch

1, 2, 3, 4 = Weapon Switch (1 is fist, 2 is usually your gun, 3 is melee weapon and 4 is flags/other)

Mouse Wheel = Swap Weapons/Items (Without using numbers on keyboard)

G for Lantern (As Officer)

F for Spyglass (As Officer)

Q followed by Left Click = Play Instrument (As Musician)

E = Interact/Healing (For Surgeon)

V = Callout Panel

B = Cheer

N = Insult (Sometimes blowing a Raspberry for French)

X = Swap to Melee (For Muskets w/ Bayonets)

You can find all the keybinds in-game by going to Options > Keys.



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