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Holdfast: Nations At War – Tips to Effectively Lead & Command Men

22 September 2017, Friday, 0:00:24


Tips to Effectively Lead & Command Men

Here you will find a few tips to ensure that you are can effectively lead and command men:


1) Know your map!
If you’re on unfamiliar ground, you are less able to effectively move your men and more likely to be ambushed by a more experienced officer. If you aren’t sure what lies ahead, move slowly and safely (or pass up command to someone who knows the land a little better)


2) Know your unit!
Are you the officer of the rifles? Then you’ll want to keep them far from combat, and use them to pick off high profile targets and wear down the enemy with skirmishes. Are you leading line infantry? Have them line up and fire in volleys at your targets, maximising potential. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the unit you lead is essential.


3) Use the environment!
Anything from weather, structures to landscape can have a huge affect on how you lead your men. If there is high ground within reach, it may be useful to lead your men to it-but only if you have enough to hold it! Foggy weather causing low visibility? Look for the flashes of musket fire or lanterns to find your targets. Avoid trying to defend areas if you don’t have enough men to fend off an attack; the bigger the area/the more possible entry points, the bigger the number of soldiers needed to guard it!


4) Know when to fight and when to flee!
There is no shame in pulling your men back from a fight you cannot win; while some may wish to seek glory or a proud death, they’re no good to you with a bullet in them. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, pull out to regroup! That being said, if you spot a weakness in your enemy or a gap in their defence, exploit it! Losing a few men in a charge is worth decimating an entrenched enemy.


5) Know your men!
Communicate with your soldiers; a silent officer will discourage those who follow him. While voice commands can be useful, instructing your mean and talking to them using the chat is vital.


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