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Holdfast: Nations At War – Tips & Tricks

28 September 2017, Thursday, 17:28:33


Tips & Tricks

-For Rifles, try and aim the bottom of the crosshair at the enemy’s head, or just above it at longer ranges.


-Jumping while on a ladder allows you to scale it far quicker than just walking up it.


-Aiming and firing in First-Person causes the bullet to spawn directly in front of you. Aiming and firing in Third-Person causes the bullet to spawn above your right shoulder. Use this to your advantage.


-Cannonballs currently do not roll in-game, so try to aim your cannon slightly in front of your target.


-Firing a cannonball/mortar round at a loaded cannon causes it to explode violently. Firing a cannon/mortar round at an empty cannon causes it to simply fall apart. Whenever aiming for an enemy artillery battery, try and wait for when it’s loaded so you have a higher chance of taking out the cannon itself and the people around it.


-Firing a pistol at 30m+ causes a damage dropoff. Firing a Musket at 60m+ causes a damage dropoff. Firing a rifle at 80m+ causes a damage dropoff.


-Flag Bearers apparently give a health bonus, Drummers give a reload bonus and Fifers give an accuracy bonus.

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