Hollow Knight Final Bosses Guide



Final Bosses in Hollow Knight.


Black Egg Temple (Final Bosses) Guide



Hollow Knight


Location of Hollow Knight Boss:


Requirements to access: Slay the 3 Dreamers (Lurien, Monomon, Herrah)

Required to beat game: Yes

Boss Attacks:
-Triple swipe
-Ground dash
-Dive to ground followed by columns of fire
-Continuous shot of blobs whose arc slowly moves upwards
-Blob spam from location in air
-Slightly tracking series of slams from mid-air

Dodging Strategies:
-Parry or dash away before the swipes start
-Double jump over
-Find gap in the spots on the ground indicating where the columns will spawn
-Find gap between blobs to dash towards him (gaps will be wider if you’re farther away)
-Walk around and carefully watch the blob arcs
-Dash back and forth right before he’s going to slam down
-Don’t be over-zealous in attacking, or parry

Best Attack Opportunities:
-After jumping over his dash
-After his attacks involving blobs
-When he’s stabbing himself with his nail

Best Healing Opportunities:
-When he’s stabbing himself with his nail
-During his blob attacks if you stick near the edges of the room

Normal ending

Achievement: Hollow Knight / Sealed Siblings

-After a few staggers he starts to fight the infection by stabbing himself.
-While the Hollow Knight does get “stronger” when he starts doing blob attacks after a few staggers, his ability to attack you decreases when you deal increasing amounts of damage to him beyond that phase change.
-Shade Cloak (optional) allows for easy dodging of his triple swipe and ground dash if you time your shadow dash to go through him as he attacks.





Requirements to access: Void Heart charm

Required to beat game: No

Boss Attacks:
-Series of four walls of randomly spaced spears (from left, right, or top)
-Circle of spears that move outwards
-Triple series of radial beams of light
-Vertical beam of light that travels across the screen
-Three homing balls of light that spawn in one at a time
-Phase 2 – Add spikes that cover alternating halves of the floor
-Phase 3 – Change to spikes that cover edges of the floor and only do randomly spaced lines of spears from top
-Phase 4 – Change from solid floor to several stationary platforms
-Phase 5 – Climb up series of platforms with only single beam of light every few seconds

Dodging Strategies:
-Double jump and dash to avoid the spears; Shade Cloak will allow you to dash through the spears if you can’t make the jump in time
-Find a gap in the circle
-Walk to gaps between the beams
-Shade Cloak dash
-Dash to get the balls to dissipate when it hits you while you’re invincible in the middle of your Shadow Dash (Note: the balls can go through the ground/platforms, so they won’t dissipate if they curve past you into the ground and you’ll have to dodge at least once more per ball until they hit their time limit and disappear)
-Stick to the side which doesn’t have spikes and wait until the bosses teleports to that side
-Stay close to the center and watch for gaps in the spears coming down
Same strategies as above, except more double jump use to get between platforms
-Walk out of the way of beams or use double jump to temporarily get off the platform when the beam’s going to hit

Best Attack Opportunities:
-Convenient gap in spears near boss
-During homing ball attack
-During radial beams of light attack if gap in beams is under boss
-When boss teleports directly above a platform in Phase 4

Best Healing Opportunities:
-During radial beams of light attack

“True” ending

Achievement: Dream No More


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