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Horizon: Zero Dawn Cheats

21 February 2017, Tuesday, 12:59:46


Infinite fast travel
To fast travel to and from any discovered campfires or settlements, you need the “Fast Travel Pack” item. You can craft the Fast Travel Pack by selecting “Crafting”, “Travel”, “Pack” at the menu. It costs 15 Ridge-Wood, 1 Fatty Meat, and 1 Bony Meat to craft each “Fast Travel Pack”. To fast travel an unlimited number of times without having to use lots of crafting materials on Fast Travel Packs, purchase the “Golden Fast Travel Pack” from a vendor. It is not too expensive, and can be unlocked fairly early in the game. Go to the Meridian settlement and talk to the merchant in the market square to purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack under the Resources tab. It costs 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat. The Golden Fast Travel Pack costs a lot more than a Fast Travel Pack, but it is well worth the investment. It is easy to overlook this enhanced item at the bottom of the merchant’s resources list.


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