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Horizon: Zero Dawn Death Stranding Item Locations Guide

28 February 2017, Tuesday, 23:13:23


Death Stranding item locations
Search the indicated locations to find the three hidden Death Stranding items in the game. Each of these items in your inventory menu will have a Kojima Productions logo on it.

Stranded Necklace: This is the necklace worn by Norman Reedus in the first reveal trailer for Death Stranding. It can be found early in the story. The exact location will be detailed soon.

Stranded Shackles: These are the futuristic handcuffs on Norman Reedus’ hand during the Death Stranding trailer. Repel into the underground area behind the coliseum and look at the tables to the left to find them.

Stranded Figure: This is the creepy doll figure found in another Death Stranding trailer. In the opening area, go through the large terminal hallway and take the stairs down on the left. At the bottom of the steps, look in the narrow space to the left of the stairs to find it.

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