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Horizon: Zero Dawn Rare Loots Guide

28 February 2017, Tuesday, 23:23:49


Getting rare loot
Repeatedly kill the indicated enemies to get the listed rare loot. Make sure to not use mounts as transportation if you are looking for loot items. The first thing you need to do before searching for loot is to make sure you have enough space to store the items you find. Looted items can be used to craft ammunition, trade with merchant, sold for metal shards, and more. A convenient feature in the game is that you can create active quests for certain types of loot by highlighting it at the merchant.

Animal Parts: You can get animal parts and skins by killing animals. Wildlife is hard to find since most of the world is filled with robots. Roam around in the forest and in the water to hunt for animal parts.

Crystal Braiding: Find all five Tallneck to unlock the entire map. Kill the Rockbreaker, Behemoth, Stormbird, Thunderjaw, and Deathbringer enemies, which should be easy to find after unlocking the entire map. Corrupted machines are better for rare loot.

Machine Hearts: All machine have a hearts, which means getting the rarest ones are in the corrupted zone. Take down machines to gain access to their hearts. For example, of the rarest items is the Sawtooth heart. It is a rare item and only found on a Sawtooth.

Desert Glass: Desert glass is exclusive to humans. Mark the human areas, then use stealth to kill as many human enemies as possible.

Luminous Braiding: Find all five Tallneck to unlock the entire map. Find Sawtooth, Longleg, Shell0Walker, Fire Bellowback, Freeze Bellowback, Trampler, Ravager, Snapmaw, Stalker, and Corruptor enemies on the map. Repeatedly kill these enemies to get Luminous Braiding.

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