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House Party – Brittney Guide & Walkthrough

15 May 2018, Tuesday, 11:38:29

Brittney Guide & Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough that will allow you to hook up with Brittney.




Every Nook at Cranny

  • -Oogle Brittney
    • Tell her that she looks incredible
    • Wait for Brittney to go to the kitchen


  • -Go to the Living Room
    • Look at Brittney’s dating profile on the computer


  • -Inspect the liquor cabinet
    • Ask why it is locked


  • -Go to the Family Room
    • Turn off the speaker


  • -Tell Brittney a safe compliment


  • -Talk to Brittney
    • Ask her if the place is haunted
    • Ask her if she knew about him (Patrick)
    • Tell her you will get him out of here


  • -Go to the slider and open it


  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Ask him about the website
    • Tell him you are not familiar with it
    • Ask him why he is here
    • Ask him what he can offer you
    • Agree to his plan


  • -Go to the living room
    • Inspect the tablet
    • Take the tablet


  • -Give the tablet to Brittney
    • Ask her how you can help
    • Tell her you were born to do this




Deliver Us From Homecooked Evil

  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Ask about a favor
    • Ask about getting out of Brittney’s cooking


  • -Go to the downstairs bathroom
    • Lift the towel to get the digestive aid


  • -Go to the garage
    • Take the Michelin’ Motor Oil on the storage rack (it looks like a beer bottle)


  • -Go to the kitchen
    • Open your inventory and ingest the digestive aid
    • Go to the smelly stove and sabotage it with the motor oil
    • Wait for Brittney to come into the kitchen


  • -Go to family room
    • Use the Flashn’Dash app on Brittney’s phone
    • Tell them you had a cooking disaster



Turn Up the Heat

  • -Listen to Brittney
    • Tell her that she is more than meets the eye


  • -Tell Brittney an off-color joke


  • -Talk to Brittney


  • -Lean in to Brittney
    • Tell her that you should head upstairs


  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Tell him that Brittney is giving you the cold shoulder


  • -Go to the living room
    • Search for Patrick on the computer


  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Tell him that you are being ripped off


  • -Talk to Brittney
    • Tell her that Patrick is creeping around the backyard
    • Follow Brittney to the garage



Turn the Tables

  • -Plan with Brittney
    • Tell her he wants pictures
    • Tell her that they are going up on a website
    • Agree to her plan
    • Mention the liquor cabinet being locked


  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Ask about a favor
    • Ask about the liquor cabinet key


  • -Go to the patio
    • Lift the cushion on the comfy chair


  • -Go to the living room
    • Unlock the liquor cabinet
    • Take the Whack Spankiel’s


  • -Give the whisky to Patrick
    • Wait for Patrick to get drunk


  • -Talk to Patrick
    • Wait for Patrick to pass out
    • Wait for Brittney to see Patrick


  • -Take a photo of Patrick using Patrick’s phone


  • -Upload the photo using Partick’s phone
    • Choose to select photo
    • Select one of the options


  • -Wait for Brittney to ask you to expose yourself



Sex with Brittney

  • -Expose yourself [p]


  • -Talk to Brittney
    • Select doggystyle


  • -Talk to Brittney
    • Select top off
    • Change positions as you wish



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