House Party – Brittney Guide & Walkthrough


Brittney Guide & Walkthrough


This guide provides a walkthrough that will allow you to hook up with Brittney.



Every Nook at Cranny

  • -Oogle Brittney


Tell her that she looks incredible


Wait for Brittney to go to the kitchen



  • -Go to the Living Room


Look at Brittney’s dating profile on the computer



  • -Inspect the liquor cabinet


Ask why it is locked



  • -Go to the Family Room


Turn off the speaker



  • -Tell Brittney a safe compliment



  • -Talk to Brittney


Ask her if the place is haunted


Ask her if she knew about him (Patrick)


Tell her you will get him out of here



  • -Go to the slider and open it



  • -Talk to Patrick


Ask him about the website


Tell him you are not familiar with it


Ask him why he is here


Ask him what he can offer you


Agree with his plan



  • -Go to the living room


Inspect the tablet


Take the tablet



  • -Give the tablet to Brittney


Ask her how you can help


Tell her you were born to do this




Deliver Us From Homecooked Evil

  • -Talk to Patrick


Ask about a favor


Ask about getting out of Brittney’s cooking


  • -Go to the downstairs bathroom


Lift the towel to get the digestive aid


  • -Go to the garage


Take the Michelin’ Motor Oil on the storage rack (it looks like a beer bottle)


  • -Go to the kitchen


Open your inventory and ingest the digestive aid


Go to the smelly stove and sabotage it with the motor oil


Wait for Brittney to come into the kitchen


  • -Go to the family room


Use the Flashn’Dash app on Brittney’s phone


Tell them you had a cooking disaster



Turn Up the Heat


  • -Listen to Brittney


Tell her that she is more than meets the eye


  • -Tell Brittney an off-color joke


  • -Talk to Brittney


  • -Lean into Brittney


Tell her that you should head upstairs


  • -Talk to Patrick


Tell him that Brittney is giving you the cold shoulder


  • -Go to the living room


Search for Patrick on the computer


  • -Talk to Patrick


Tell him that you are being ripped off


  • -Talk to Brittney


Tell her that Patrick is creeping around the backyard


Follow Brittney to the garage



Turn the Tables


  • -Plan with Brittney


Tell her he wants pictures


Tell her that they are going up on a website


Agree with her plan


Mention the liquor cabinet being locked


  • -Talk to Patrick


Ask about a favor


Ask about the liquor cabinet key


  • -Go to the patio


Lift the cushion on the comfy chair


  • -Go to the living room


Unlock the liquor cabinet


Take the Whack Spankiel’s


  • -Give the whisky to Patrick


Wait for Patrick to get drunk


  • -Talk to Patrick


Wait for Patrick to pass out


Wait for Brittney to see Patrick


  • -Take a photo of Patrick using Patrick’s phone


  • -Upload the photo using Partick’s phone


Choose to select the photo


Select one of the options


  • -Wait for Brittney to ask you to expose yourself



Sex with Brittney

  • -Expose yourself [p]


  • -Talk to Brittney


Select Doggystyle


  • -Talk to Brittney


Select top off


Change positions as you wish


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