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House Party Interactable and Safe Codes Guide


Intractable and Safe Codes Guide

Items marked (?) mean we don’t currently know the function.




  • Thermostat for heating the dance floor


  • Kettle in the closet – Use ‘big’ hand to pick up


  • Microwave – Broken, for the tutorial


  • Faucet – Use with empty vodka bottle on Frank’s table


  • Sliding Glass Door (?)


  • Stove for heating coffee



Living Room (Dance Floor)

  • Speakers (?) – not sure why we want to turn the music off



Frank’s Room

  • Pizza Box (?)


  • Booze Bottles (?)



Living Room with TV








All Bathrooms





Hot Tub (?)



Master Bedroom

  • Gastronomy Textbook – Put paper and pencil on it to get safe code


  • Bed – Lock bedroom first with the mysterious key from the mantle



Closet in Master Bedroom

  • Safe – Get code from Master Bedroom



Laundry Room

  • Washer and Dryer – Clean Ashley’s clothes



Children’s Room (with Loft Bed)




Computer Room

  • Computer – The nerd that hangs out in the kitchen needs to use it to hack the drunk guys’ phone


  • Router in the closet – Turn off and then on to reboot wifi


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