House Party Item Locations Guide



Items and Location


Spoon on microwave
Whipped Cream in fridge – use ‘big’ hands to move stuff to find it
Bathroom Key by sink
Sausage in fridge
Coffee in fridge
Soda in fridge




Natty Lite on shelf
Jammer on workbench



Living Room (Dance Floor) Natty Lite behind speaker

Mysterious Key on mantle







Living Room with TV

Natty Lite by chair/window



Room with Frank

Choice of liquor bottle (go for rum)
Empty vodka bottle to use at faucet



Bathroom Downstairs




Master Bedroom

Natty Lite on shelf



Bathroom in Master Bedroom

Cell Phone on sink
Pain Killers behind bathroom door



Closet in Master Bedroom

Visine (eye drops) on shelf
Camera on shelf
Diary in safe



Laundary Room

Wine on shelf



Room with Rocking Chair




Closet in Room with Rocking Chair




Bathroom Upstairs

Natty Lite behind hamper/laundary basket



Children’s Bedroom (with Loft Bed)

Pencil on desk



Computer Room

USB Drive on safe
Paper on desk
SD Card on desk
Natty Lite to the left of the desk



Items People Carry

Patrick, the drunk guy, has a bottle of Merlot/wine – get Frank to beat him up so he drops it
The girl in the computer room has Patrick’s phone



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