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House Party – Vickie Guide & Walkthrough

15 May 2018, Tuesday, 13:37:57

Vickie Guide & Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough that will allow you to hook up with Vickie.



Meeting Up With Vickie

  • -Respond to Vickie’s texts
    • Choose either response


  • -Go to the bushes near the slider
    • Ask Vickie where she is at
    • Choose any of the questions


  • -Talk to Vickie
    • Select each of the options


  • -Inspect the


  • -Climb the gutter



Shake, Shake, Shake Senora

  • -Go downstairs to the slider door
    • Choose either of the responses


  • -Unlock the slider door
    • Tell Vickie there is no cat


  • -Open your inventory
    • Shake the catnip


  • -Go to the family room
    • Approach the picture of the cat
    • Shake the catnip


  • -Go to the kitchen
    • Open the cabinet (above the microwave)
    • Inspect the allergy medication (it will fall on to the floor)
    • Take the allergy


  • -Go upstairs and knock on the master bedroom door
    • Shake the pills and open the door



Treasure Grove

  • -Go to the closet


  • -Talk to Vickie
    • Tell her that her wanting to try marijuana is silly


  • -Talk to Vickie
    • Tell her that this is Madison’s room


  • -Go to the spare room and open the door
    • Wait for Vickie to enter the room
    • Ask her how many adult films she has been in
    • Wait for Vickie to give you Ashley’s phone


  • -Open your inventory
    • Check the texts on the phone
    • Check the reminders on the phone


  • -Talk to Vickie
    • Tell her you need her tiny hands


  • -Go to the garage
    • Inspect the Stash box (orange bin on the bottom shelf)
    • Use the key on the stash box
    • Consume the chocolate bar



Studio Audience

  • -Listen to Vickie talk
    • When she mentions valentine’s day, ask why she never had a good one (“Why’s that?)
    • Ask how to play never have I ever
    • Tell her that her special rule is a cheap rule
    • Tell her you need to use the john first


  • -Read the cover of the dvd under the tv


  • -Open the dvd


  • -Go to the master bedroom
    • Check the texts on Ashley’s phone (you may need to do this a couple times) until the text about Madison masturbating appears
    • Check underneath the bed (it is an option when you select the bed)



Studio Audience

  • -Go to the living room
    • Sit on the couch


  • -Play with Vickie
    • Never have I ever…come from a military family
    • Ask who was in the military
    • Never have I ever…starred in Gothic Gangbang 16
    • Never have I ever…had a valentine’s day as awesome as this one
    • Tell her there is a way you could both lose right now


  • -Follow Vickie upstairs



Sex with Vickie

  • -Approach Vickie
    • Tell her to blow you
    • Press [p] to expose yourself
    • While she is blowing you, select the option to have sex with her


  • -Remove your clothes [y]
    • Change positions to your heart’s content



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