House Party – Vickie Guide & Walkthrough


Vickie Guide & Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough that will allow you to hook up with Vickie.


Meeting Up With Vickie

-Respond to Vickie’s texts

Choose either response


-Go to the bushes near the slider

Ask Vickie where she is at

Choose any of the questions


-Talk to Vickie

Select each of the options


-Inspect the


-Climb the gutter



Shake, Shake, Shake Senora

-Go downstairs to the slider door

Choose either of the responses


-Unlock the slider door

Tell Vickie there is no cat


-Open your inventory

Shake the catnip


-Go to the family room

Approach the picture of the cat

Shake the catnip


-Go to the kitchen

Open the cabinet (above the microwave)

Inspect the allergy medication (it will fall on to the floor)

Take the allergy


-Go upstairs and knock on the master bedroom door

Shake the pills and open the door



Treasure Grove

-Go to the closet


-Talk to Vickie

Tell her that her wanting to try marijuana is silly


-Talk to Vickie

Tell her that this is Madison’s room


-Go to the spare room and open the door

Wait for Vickie to enter the room

Ask her how many adult films she has been in

Wait for Vickie to give you Ashley’s phone


-Open your inventory

Check the texts on the phone

Check the reminders on the phone


-Talk to Vickie

Tell her you need her tiny hands


-Go to the garage

Inspect the Stash box (orange bin on the bottom shelf)

Use the key on the stash box

Consume the chocolate bar



Studio Audience

  • -Listen to Vickie talk

When she mentions valentine’s day, ask why she never had a good one (“Why’s that?)

Ask how to play never have I ever

Tell her that her special rule is a cheap rule

Tell her you to need to use the john first


-Read the cover of the DVD under the tv


-Open the DVD


-Go to the master bedroom

Check the texts on Ashley’s phone (you may need to do this a couple of times) until the text about Madison masturbating appears

Check underneath the bed (it is an option when you select the bed)



Studio Audience

-Go to the living room

Sit on the couch


-Play with Vickie

Never have I ever…come from a military family

Ask who was in the military

Never have I ever…starred in Gothic Gangbang 16

Never have I ever…had a valentine’s day as awesome as this one

Tell her there is a way you could both lose right now


-Follow Vickie upstairs



Sex with Vickie

-Approach Vickie

Tell her to blow you

Press [p] to expose yourself

While she is blowing you, select the option to have sex with her


-Remove your clothes [y]

Change positions to your heart’s content


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