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Hover : Revolt Of Gamers Console Commands

17 June 2017, Saturday, 23:49:30


Console Commands 

Command List
You can access a list of commands by typing the forward slash key ‘/’ only into the chat box.


/free camera – Allows full-screen control of an in-game camera with smoothing applied to turning. This allows for some really cool panning shots and it also allows you to escape the boundaries of the level in order to check out distant objects.
/hide gui – Hides the interface but does not hide nearby on-screen objectives such as locations and names. Works best in first-person mode.
/smooth vr = # – Where I suppose # is replaced by a whole number. I do not own a VR device so I can not test what this does, the command returns an error saying it can not detect a VR device. I assume it smooths the camera’s movement when turning.

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