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Hover : Revolt Of Gamers – Game Girl Guide : Flock of Sheep Land

8 June 2017, Thursday, 14:25:22


A guide designed to show you where the Game Girls are in the new area, The Admin District. The place is huge has a ton of secrets to find which means tons of new Game Girls to locate.


Flock of Sheep Land
This area is pretty easy to find everything but since everything is god damn purple and blue, some may have issues with finding the GG. There are four entrances to this area: The left, right, middle and bottom middle. Start out by jumping to the top by jumping on the sides and taking the white jump pads to the top. Go ahead and snag the Red Chest that always spawns up there as well as tag the satalite.





Right on the top next to the satalite. Nothing too it really, may be hard with those with fear of heights.




Jump down to the spinning ride and find it on the outer edge of it. The spinning ride has no collision so don’t worry.




Head to the right entrance and jump down to the boxes where you will find the next GG.




This last one is resting on the further column away from the third near the left entrance.

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