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Hover : Revolt Of Gamers How to Get the Happy Hypet Achievement

7 June 2017, Wednesday, 17:04:09


Hover : Revolt Of Gamers How to Get the Happy Hypet Achievement

Hypets have 2 stats: Satiety and Satisfaction

Satiety is how full/hungry the hypet is. The satiety stat can be seen by looking at the bar next to the pet icon. The pet can die if satiety is 0.

Satisfaction is ony shown by what pet icon is used in the HUD. There are 3 different icons for normal, happy, and very happy. The achievement is granted for getting your satisfaction to the very happy threshold.




Both stats will decrease over time, however satisfaction decreases more slowly than satiety. You are only able to feed your hypet when satiety is below about 90%, so that is the limiting factor on boosting your satisfaction stat.


Types of Food
Since satiety will limit how much you can feed your pet, and your satisfaction will decrease over time, choosing the right food for your hypet is important. There are 6 kinds of pet food:


Contamined Water Flavor
Satiety +18%
Satisfaction +0%

This is the single worst food for this achievement. It effectively hurts your progress as it doesn’t boost satisfaction at all, and satisfaction will decrease during the time it takes for the satiety to go back down.


Carboard flavor
Satiety +12%
Satisfaction +2.8%

This is medium-tier it offers a medium satisfaction/satiety ratio.


Fluffy Beast Flavor
Satiety +24%
Satisfaction +0.7%

This is the 2nd worst. It has the worst satisfaction/satiety ratio of something that actually gives satisfaction.


Fishbones Flavor
Satiety +18%
Satisfaction +4.2%

This offers the same satisfaction/satiety ratio as Cardboard flavor, but is slightly better since the numbers are higher. Higher number are better because satiety won’t go above the maximum, so using it as soon as you are allowed to feed your pet again might cause satiety to actually increase less than the amount stated on the chip, resulting in a better satisfaction/satiety ratio than you’d expect from looking at the numbers.


Burger Flavor
Satiety +30%
Satisfaction +1.4%

This is a bit of an improvement over Fluffy Beast, but still horrible.


Squashoo Flavor
Satiety +24%
Satisfaction +7%

This is the best thing to use. It offers 25% higher satisfaction/satiety ratio than cardboard and fishbones, and the large numbers make it likely that you’ll get less than the stated satiety if you stay on top of feeding as soon as you can.


Grinding Squashoo Flavors
Fortunatly Squashoo Flavor is fairly easy to get with the help of the pet food traders. You will always get Squashoo Flavor when you win the rng roll and the highest tier chip you insert is at least dirty(+6.5%)

To get good odds, either insert 4 of the same tier chip for 70%, or 5 of the same tier for 88%.

I’d recommend stocking your inventory with at least 35 Squashoo Flavors before moving on.

This could take a while due to the machines selling out.


Getting the Achievement
Now that you have a lot of Squashoo Flavors, you’re ready to start. It’ll go a lot faster if you have a higher level pet, so equipt an ultimate if you have one. Now, feed it only Squashoo Flavors. When it’s full, constantly check on it, and feed it as soon as you’re able. The sooner you feed it after you’re able to, the better the satisfaction/satiety ratio you’ll get, and therefore the faster it’ll go, and the less food you’ll need to feed it. To be able to stay on top of it as much as possible, you might want to avoid missions, and just hang out, chat, and explore, while you’re waiting.

When it changes to happy status you’re about halfway there.

If you run out of Squashoo Flavors, switch to another character, and grind some more out, then switch back to continue feeding.

If you’re good about feeding it as soon as you’re able to, it’ll take about 30 Squashoo Flavors before you get the very happy icon.


Once you see the very happy icon, quit out of the game to trigger the achievement, and enjoy.

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