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Hover : Revolt Of Gamers Orbital Station Puzzle Solutions

11 June 2017, Sunday, 19:14:08


Orbital Station Puzzle Solutions
Orbital Station is the last section you’ll go to before getting to the final mission. This section has 3 main puzzles, and one chase.


Puzzle 1

It’s pretty simple jump up until you get to one of the higher platforms and go to the right side once you enter. Going alltheway around you’ll find a switch you can scan. Charge up your energy, and once it’s charged up and you’re not in the charging animation anymore, scan the switch. From here you’ll have to run alltheway to the otherside, going backwards. There’ll be a doorway which you’ll have to go through. Once in the hallway. There’ll be a camera in front of you, and a door to your right. You want to go to that door, for the camera. Wait till it’s looking away, and go under it. Then head through the door to your next challenge.


Puzzle 2

There’ll be some pads on the ground. If your jump is high enough you can bounce off one of these and land on the walkway to your right, otherwise aim for the pole nearest to the walkway and use this to get high enough to jump onto the walkway. There’ll be another hallway. Use the same trick, duck under the camera and walk through the door to your right.


Puzzle 3

Use the car’s to get to the platform to your left. Once there you’ll be able to go to puzzle 4


Puzzle 4. Last One

You just have to follow the spydrone. For the sensitive floor you want to slide across it. For the lazer sections you just have to duck or jump over them. Make sure you’re not too slow however, as the drone will reset otherwise.


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