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How Does Trade Work in Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)

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Goods are traded automatically according to supply and demand. Nations and territories outside the campaign map are represented by Trade Nodes around the edges of the map. Trade is possible as long as you are not at war with the trading partner. A limited amount of trade can still cross the frontlines between the Union and the Confederacy.


Like the production panel, the Trade panel is also for overview only. Here you will see the supply and demand for produced goods and imports, and exports. You can also see the trends in goods prices, demand, production, and stock in the left side graph and use it to compare statistics between the economies of the North and the South. If successful, the results of military operations intended to hurt the enemy economy should be seen here (with some delay).


If you see significant demand for some goods in your nation, you can try to influence the long-term production of those goods by issuing subsidies. If you do riot produce said goods, you will need to import them. Some examples of goods that are riot produced in the North or the South, or are produced only in limited numbers, are coffee, lead, and niter — all crucial to supporting your war effort.


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